Who You Are In College Is Your Choice
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Who You Are In College Is Your Choice

How college has actually brought me closer to God.

Who You Are In College Is Your Choice
Jiri Wagner // Unsplash

If you ask someone from an older generation, they probably have some preconceived idea that college is a scheme into the devil's handiwork.

Okay, maybe that's a little extreme, but there is definitely an assumption that college (beyond the education) is a free pass to "go down the wrong path." I'd like to suggest differently.

College gets a bad rap when it comes to reputation, but ultimately, college is opportunity. It's up to the students to decide what to do with such freedom.

I was a little worried to begin college, feeling unprepared to face the realities of frat parties and bars on every corner. It's a different environment and I was afraid it would just be a huge temptation. However, being in college, I've never been closer to God than I am right now.

The first people I met in college were a group of awesome godly ladies and they invited me to join a bible study with them. In our meetings, there were a lot of victories. God used them to help me conquer so many of my chains that held me back.

After a few months, it became clear that we had different beliefs on a specific topic, but even this, God used as a tool to help me grow. Unfortunately, we never came to an agreement, but my faith was reassured and strengthened. It made me see the Bible differently - not just as a good feeling book that you read until you find your "golden nugget" for the day, but rather, a research tool.

"This book- ," I thought, "the Bible, is so full of knowledge and I've underestimated it's value." It was truly a changing point, for I had limited God's word for so long, yet began to see it for the amazing resource that it has always been. After that, I continued to grow, making breakthroughs I never thought possible.

And now I'm here. It's not perfect and somedays, I'm less enthusiastic about my savior than I should be, but ultimately, I allowed God to build a strong foundation in me that has kept me around long enough to watch him work marvelously.

Point is, this is how I used my opportunity; or rather, how I allowed God to use the opportunity that is college and make it something great.

Sure, there are plenty of students who just come to college to party, but that's not everyone. It's not true that "everyone is doing it" - most people, but not everyone. There is so much good that comes out of college that tends to be undermined by the wild party scenes.

So perhaps college is more than the parties, football games, and greek life. It's an opportunity to make yourself into the person you want to be.

Just like everything in life, it's a choice. College can be a time of discovery, education and growth, or it can be a ticket to wild nights you won't remember. But it's up to you. It's always your choice.

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