A long distance relationship can be an experience that you'll never forget and be thankful for the lessons that came out of it. It's also something you NEVER want to experience again and be grateful that it's over. To add to the many miles apart, high school sweethearts may suffer the most.

After being so close with your best friend, it can be terrifying walking into a new chapter of your life without them by your side. You realize just how fast weekends and breaks go by, you make your conversations more meaningful, and you truly appreciate who they are as a person.

There are so many benefits, but it doesn't come easily. It's easy to over think situations so you have to confidently trust your significant other. You also have to be flexible with your time because you have a slim chance of your schedules being similar (along with so many other challenges). Again, easier said then done... but if you believe they're the one, then enjoy the journey together and celebrate when you both have your degrees!

1. People change in college

You've grown with and trusted the same person for at least 1-4 years. In some cases, you might even be ready to settle down with them but you still have this huge college journey for the next 4+ years AND your'e miles apart. In college, you're not defined by who you were, so joining new clubs or hanging out with different kinds of people isn't uncommon.

So you or your other half may try a new trend, diet, acquire new hobbies or even dress a little different. This is where you need to show how supportive you can be and just embrace the change together. Deep down they're still the person that loves classic rock and snores way too loud at night (and only you're lucky enough to know that ;)

2. You're not used to NOT seeing each other

In high school you saw each other every day, you walked to class together, and you probably went to each others house throughout the week nights (not to mention most weekends too). Now you rely on phone calls and Facetime dates and it's just not the same.

You're counting down the weekends until your next 48 hour visit and spring break can't come soon enough. And that's IF your spring breaks are the same week. But, you've never made so much out of those 48 hours together.

You're creative about your date ideas more than ever and even the days when you stay in and watch movies because college kids are broke and dates cost a lot of money. You've never cherished Friday Night Lights (for the 5th time) so much.

3. You're more likely to overthink things

"You're with Austin, Jake, and...MORGAN...??? Oh, at the library.. studying.. got it." Okay, when you're on the phone and random girls' names pop up and you have no clue who they are or how short they wear their shorts, it's hard not to overthink.

I mean, you already think your man is the most drop dead gorgeous man you've met or he has something that you'll never find in anyone else. So why would anyone else think different. Truth is, trust him when he's "what if's" ruin your relationship. In the end, long distance may be the most rewarding because you truly have to trust your partner.

4. Fake ID's, fraternities, and parties exist

If he's a part of a brotherhood, no doubt that at some point he'll want to head out to the bar with the guys for a few drinks. Chances are, he won't get back in (or text you) until 1 a.m. Oh, and And don't forget that "Saturday is for the boys."

Or her and her girlfriends might have a 'Girl's Night Out' at the bar downtown on Thursday nights. This new organization that they're a part of is going to take patience, trust, and constant communication. Depending on which frat or sorority they joined, some of them are pretty selective about who they let in, and it can lead to life-changing job opportunities.

You have to unshakably know that they are still the person you fell in love with and you CAN trust what they say. Otherwise, don't waste your time on the unnecessary heartache. Enjoy this new chapter with them and totally take advantage of the fancy food and wine at their formals.

5. You'll probably miss some special occasions

Sadly birthdays, anniversaries, or even Valentines Day isn't limited to weekends.

6. You want to be there for their accomplishments and support them (and have pics to post for the gram)

Whether they're apart of an award ceremony, they just passed a crucial test, they earned their white coat going into a medical program, or they just got 1st in Fortnite, you want to be there and support them and their big achievements.

If you're not there for there recognition, you're 'not supporting them' but that not true! You're the only one that was telling them how much you believed in them while they studied at 2 a.m. and that is what's important.

7. Sundays are R-O-U-G-H

Weekends in your significant other's college town always come to an end.. and its pretty devastating when you realize that its not your windshield wipers that quit working, those are tears honey.

8. Colleges with separated guys/girls dorms can make things awkward

If you're both still in dorms and either one of your campuses has strict, separated dorms, it can get awkward. There's not a good place to keep your suitcase or overnight bag other than in your car and finding stuff to do in town all day that doesn't cost a lot of money can be hard.

Usually those are good hiking days or days to figure out what places offer College discounts! But then you have to find a hotel.. If you're lucky, maybe you have a friend that has an apartment nearby and they'll let you crash there! Bottom line, separated dorms require a lot of planning for one weekend.

9. You're surrounded by other long-distance couples that break-up

It's easy to follow the crowd and tell yourself that if they can't make it, then your relationship probably won't either.

But that's depressing so why even bother? Only you know what you're expecting out your partner and your relationship. If you and your partner have a strong relationship, trust that the distance between you will only be a journey, not a sad ending.

10. You have to be truly committed to working things out

It's so easy to hang up the phone or go to sleep mad and ignore them. When you're in high school, chances are you'll see each other or hear their name at some point the next day.

So in college, while you're miles apart, you have to make the effort to either apologize within a timely manner or accept their apology and know that they truly mean it. Effective communication is essential in a long distance relationship, as well as, patience, and trust.