10 Thoughts College Freshmen Have In October, As Told By 'Halloweentown'

10 Thoughts College Freshmen Have In October, As Told By 'Halloweentown'

I'm seriously responsible for scheduling my own classes for next semester?


October may just be the most wonderful time of the year, unless you're a college student.

Yes, the fall foliage is beautiful, but midterms? Not so much. Stressed? Me too. One of the best ways to relieve some of that stress is to turn on some Halloweentown, drink a pumpkin coffee, eat some candy corn and relax.

The cast of Halloweentown may even be able to describe exactly how you're feeling at this very moment. Like:

1. How many more days until Halloween?

How much longer until Halloween and Halloweekend? I'm in desperate need of some candy corn.

2. You mean, I have to schedule my own classes for next semester?

Didn't I just move in like yesterday? Are we really half way through the semester already? I'm seriously responsible for scheduling my own classes? What kind of witchcraft is this?

3. How much flex do I have left?

I really want this cookie, but do I really need it? Uhh, how much flex does it cost? Ugh, okay, fine, but only one.

4. It's 50° outside in the morning, but 70° in the afternoon, what do I wear?

That awkward moment when you go to your 9am wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants and by the time you're out of your class, everyone else is wearing a tank top and shorts.

5. This abnormal sleeping schedule will be the death of me.

The whole "8 hours of sleep" thing just isn't happening. If I don't take a nap today, I'm not going to be able to function.

6. Should I watch a Halloween movie or be productive?

One... or two... or three Halloween movies won't hurt. Heck, I may as well watch all four Halloweentown movies. I can't watch one without watching the other three.

7. "Class is canceled" email?

Now I can do all of the work I've been putting off, or watch some more Netflix.

8. Okay, but really though, I need to focus

School work comes first, always. It's time to buckle down and actually get some work done.

9. Wait, I have two papers due and an exam on the SAME day?

It's like professors all get together and plan to make things due on the same day. No thanks.

10. Maybe if I close my eyes and wish really hard, it'll be Thanksgiving break

Ugh, nope. It's still October. But man, could I use a break.

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