After reading the article 10 Things College Girls Do That College Guys Should Appreciate, But Don't, I nearly went into shock. Not only could I barely imagine myself doing most, if not all 10 things, but I surely would not want them to be appreciated by college guys. If college guys start appreciating girls who do these things, I might as well kiss any future love life of mine goodbye.

1. Having a fresh mani/pedi.

The last time I got my nails done was for my junior prom. If I even had the money in college for a mani/pedi right now, I would more likely be spending it on groceries, gas, utilities, or rent. Guys better not start looking for a fresh mani/pedi every two weeks because that ish just ain't gonna happen.

2. Having my hair color, cut, and style in trend.

Other than the one time I had one of my hallmates cut my hair in my dorm room last year, I usually just pay a maximum of $7 for a haircut twice a year when Great Clips has a sale on haircuts. As for hair color, I refuse to buy anything more expensive than the $2.97 Revlon ColorSilk Hair Dye. If you count the hair trend of washing hair less often as a real thing, let me just say I have been doing that my whole life because I usually wash my hair twice a week, three times max. So if anything I hope guys appreciate how much money I am saving while still managing to look average.

3. Having Makeup on fleek.

If I have enough time to do my makeup in the morning, it can only be the result of me not doing something else. I usually only put a real effort into my everyday appearance if I am either procrastinating or distracting myself from my responsibilities. That is not something guys should appreciate or even acknowledge.

4. Up in the gym workin' on my fitness.

We all have different motivators for going to the gym- relieving stress, blowing off some steam, getting fit, training for something. Your reason should not be simply to be appreciated by guys. You should go to the gym and work out because you want to be your best self. End of story.

5. Having stylish outfits & only wearing them out twice.

Not even going to lie, I would be thoroughly impressed if a college guy took notice of the fact that I rarely wear an outfit twice. At the same time, I desperately hope he would not be appreciative of it. The only reason I do not wear the same outfit often is that I only wash my laundry (maybe) once a month. As a result, I end up wearing practically every article of clothing I own or even buying new clothing to procrastinate the inevitable need of doing my laundry.

6. Having white teeth, threaded eyebrows & clear skin.

I will be the first to tell you I do not have the whitest teeth or the best-shaped eyebrows. By the Grace of God, I have pretty good skin. The point of the matter is that every girl does not have full control of these three things. It is downright unfair and borderline inhumane to give appreciating out for something that can easily make someone else self-conscious about because it is out of their control.

7. Having flawless surroundings.

Some people just are not born to be tidy. I am a perfect, living example of one. It is important to be clean for your health's sake, but tidiness is just extra. As long as you are tidy enough to be successful, never feel pressured to go the extra mile or so, just to be perfectly tidy. Especially do not feel pressured to be tidy for the appreciation of some college guy.

8. Having beauty AND brains.

Please don't get me wrong. I aim to be a well-rounded individual, but that entails more than just beauty and brains. Based on my own personal experiences, I know that beauty does draw men in and, sure, brains MIGHT get them to stick around, but that does not make it right. I am 100x more likely to go out with someone if they compliment me on something that is not related to physical appearance.

9. Grinding hard at work.

Wanting to be appreciated for the hard work that she does only supports the stereotype of millennials wanting recognition for everything. You should work hard because you are supposed to. No one is obligated to praise you for working hard and doing your job. Appreciation comes after all your hard work pays off and you accomplish something.

10. Instagram

REALLY?!?! Appreciation for anything surrounding social media is not right. Most people are not even authentic on a screen to who they are in real life. Please do not endorse this double life way of living by appreciating someone based on the pictures they stage, crop, edit, filter, and post on Instagram. Stop snapping photos and snap back to reality. Pleassseee.