20 Esty College Graduation Gifts To Support Small Businesses
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20 Best Gifts On Etsy For Your 2020 Graduate If You Want To Support Small Businesses In Quarantine

Support small businesses effected by COVID-19 while also celebrating those who lost their senior year to it.

20 Best Gifts On Etsy For Your 2020 Graduate If You Want To Support Small Businesses In Quarantine

Many of us know someone who is mourning the loss of activities, final goodbyes to classmates and professors alike, and all the memories they've been looking forward to making when the finish line finally came along.

Instead, many await new dates for graduations, are attending virtual classes to end their student career at their school, and the cancelation of all those end-of-the-year events they've been looking forward to attending after all their hard work. Instead, the 2020 spring graduates are home like everyone else.

If you're like me, then as their friends and family we are looking for ways to celebrate them and all they've accomplished. What better way to do that than to support small businesses. Small businesses who may be struggling to keep their stores open during this worldwide crisis.

Here are 20 presents to celebrate our 2020 graduates from 20 different Etsy shops:

1. Graduation card filled with money!


This beautiful card by Typeshyshop is one of many options to choose from on Etsy. Write a little note and put some money or a gift card in there. We all know they could use the help.

2. "Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire" sign


This is my favorite quote so I'm a bit biased but it's also super fitting for any graduate.

3. Adulting sign


I couldn't not include one of my moms listings. What kind of daughter would I be. Plus I love this and want one myself. So mom, if you're reading this could you gift your daughter one pretty please?

11. "Don't do stupid sh*t" keychain


They probably will eventually but at least they have this reminder now.

13. Personalized scrapbook


They may have been robbed of their final moments but with this they can celebrate and remember the good times they did have.

14. Customizable toilet paper key chain


This key chain has the option to add a tassel and to customize the back — all for a very reasonable price.

17. University map art


This is such a cute keepsake for any graduate no matter if they're heading to their prospective University or graduating from it.

18. Graduation year penny keychain


I know this is my third key chain I've shared but each one is different and cool in their own way.

19. A personalized coffee tumbler


We all know how likely it is they're going to need the caffeine.

20. City map drink-ware


WellTold has hundreds of different city map designed drink-ware. I'm definitely obsessed with these. Check to see if your graduates college is one of them!

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