In life, I feel as if we are always choosing between two things.

Chocolate or vanilla? Cats or dogs? Cash or credit? Everyday decisions are the easiest to make, but what about the life-altering ones?

Let’s say, a future career versus a future family?

Society places this huge pressure on millennials to either work your ass off, or have a family by your mid-thirties. Despite those who choose both, oftentimes people feel the need to pick between the two, as if it's impossible to have it both ways.

This dilemma is too ‘black and white’ for my likings. Personally, I want both of these things.

And yes, I would like to have my life figured out by 35 -- rough deadlines are perfectly OK to have, regardless of everyone who says not to rush. And they are right. It’s important to take your time, but equally as crucial to keep your eyes on the prize.

As fun as college can be, I am here to make something of myself -- not to settle for things that I do not want.

If I want to pursue a six figure-salary job and start a family sometime after grad school (while I can), I should be able to do so without criticism -- just as some people solely focus on their career versus having children, or vice versa. You know what? Any of those paths are OK. I want others to know that it’s OK to want both at the same time, because before you know it, your time has passed.

Sure, maybe I do take myself a little too seriously sometimes. But, you know what? That’s OK.

I have every right to heavily focus my $30,000/year education AND personal life.

I’ve had my fair share of fun, and I am ready to put work into my aspirations, values, and wellbeing. If that includes grad school, an amazing relationship, eventual high-paying job and family of my own, that’s what it shall be. That’s what’s going to make me happy someday, so why not go for it?

Don’t get me wrong, you can still catch me watching football every Sunday, going to tailgates, having lazy Netflix days, and living it up on the weekends. Just because I want to stop f*cking around, does not mean I am selling myself short -- by any means. I have to grow up someday, so might as well try to sooner than later.