Girlfriend Gift Guide On A Budget

10 Gifts To Get Your Girl Right Now That She'll LOVE

Anniversary, check. Birthday, check. Just because, check. Early Christmas shopping, check.

IT'S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEARRRRRR. That's right, it's Hallothanksmas and I could honestly not be more excited, however, this also means that it's the season of gift buying. And with gift buying comes gift guessing- which leads to disappointment. Here are a few recommendations (with links to purchase) perfect for a sister, daughter, girlfriend, or even just a friend. Let's get holly jolly.

For the aspiring chef, or gourmet home cook.

A good 12.5'' pre-seasoned cast iron skillet is good for making everything from fried chicken to cookie cakes. Purchase here from Amazon.

For the comfort queen.

Fuzzy lined Crocs. Need I say anymore? Purchase here.

For the skin care fanatic.

Get them the gift that'll keep on giving- perfect skin! Purchase Glossier's "The Solution" here

For the Social Media Influencer

For a full dose of nostalgia (without all the duck faces), give her this super cute camera that prints polaroids on the spot! Purchase here.

For the quirky queen

This is something I honestly want myself. How cute would this be on a keychain? Purchase here!

For the music lover.

This one is a touch pricer, but 100% worth it for a whole home speaker system. Purchase here.

For the candle connoisseur.

Fun fact, this is the only candle scent in my room, and it is in all the wallflowers around the house. If I could describe the scent in one word or phrase, it'd be "a good man" Purchase here

For the college student on the go.

I would absolutely go to war in these tennis shoes. They are the most comfortable shoes and they definitely brighten up the same old t-shirt and shorts. I also hear they're pretty decent running shoes, but I'm not looking for that. Purchase here.

 For the bohemian beauty

This cute headband will add style to a bun, ponytail, or loosely tousled waves. Purchase here.

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