I think I might die this Fall in a germ coma. I already have a bottle of Purell for my desk and mini hand sanitizers on my backpack. Oh, and four containers of Lysol.

1. Share... a bathroom... with OTHER people?? Oh my God


Sharing a bathroom with family members is already hard enough. Now add in other people's butts and pee.

2. I have to touch the doorknob... to open the bathroom door when leaving... after I ALREADY washed my hands


The worst part is... there are no paper towels to open the door.

3. I have to touch food ladles 400 other people have touched in the last hour???


Good thing I attached hand sanitizer to my backpack.

4. I have to shake ALL of these people's hands?


Again, hand sanitizer, please never run out.

5. Oh no. Shared showers. Oh NO. There's hair EVERYWHERE. o h n o.


Sharing a shower with my sister was a struggle. Now I have about 40 other new sisters. Eek.

6. When can I get my own apartment??


Seriously, I'm dying over here.

7. Mom... Dad... yeah can you Venmo me $5 for spray Lysol?


I need it a.s.a.p.

8. Please. Please. Please. Do NOT touch things in my dorm room.


Especially not makeup or moisturizers.

9. Hi, mom, uh, can you venmo me $7 for Bath and Bodyworks hand sanitizer?


I NEED more.

10. Why is the person behind me AND next to me coughing? Oh God. I need to bathe myself in alcohol.


Please, don't get me sick.

Every germaphobe will freak out at college on multiple occasions, so hopefully non-germaphobes have an idea of what is going on in our brain. Be nice to fellow germaphobes.