Who doesn't love their friends? They make life more fun, they make the mundane days extraordinary, and they are always there to cheer us up. However, among juggling classes, club meetings, and extracurriculars in college, it can be tough to maintain good relationships with your friends and make time to hang out with each other. On top of that, going to a university with thousands of people makes it even harder to see your friends on a regular basis. So, here's some advice and things to remember while navigating your friendships in college.

1. Not everyone that you meet right away will remain your friend, and that's totally normal

When I got to college I met hundreds of different people within the first couple of days. Some people I really clicked with and enjoyed being around. However, with busy schedules, our differing residential buildings, and opposite interests, many of the people that I met at the beginning, I hardly saw and therefore were not the people that I would become close to. On the bright side, now I know lots of familiar faces and have acquaintances in almost all of my classes, which is really comforting.

2. You might grow apart from some friends and that's ok

Going to a giant university means that sometimes you are close to certain people then all of a sudden your schedules change and you don't see each other anymore. Or you join different clubs and make stronger relationships there. This is totally ok! College is a time to branch out and meet new people. Even though you and your friends might not see each other as often as you did, you can look back and appreciate the good times that you had. Learn to be content with having friends even if it's only for a short season in your life. They were meant to be there for a reason.

3. Be open to unexpected friendships

In my case, I made lots of friends through happenstance. These are the best because you will always have good memories of how you met. Always be ready to make new friends and seek to broaden your horizons, you never know what great relationships are ahead of you.

4. Be intentional about keeping in touch and meeting up with people

This is so important! At a big college, it's so easy to get caught up in school work, and other activities that you can lose sight of your friends. So please be intentional with checking up on your friends, making the time to get dinner, or hang out. Cultivating strong relationships is one of the key things to surviving the stressful college life. Stand by each other and show each other that you care.

5. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and be the first to suggest hanging out

Many times, I wanted the other person to reach out to me and ask to hang out because I was worried about bothering them or being rejected. More often than not the other person is thinking this exact same thing! So, break the ice and put yourself out there! You have nothing to lose and a possibly great relationship to gain!

Friends are the BEST part about college! You have the unique chance to meet people from all over the world, with different backgrounds, and experiences. So just keep an open mind and be yourself!