Don't Forget Your Freshman Year

I ended the first day of my senior year on the football field with three other girls who I had lived with for my first two years of college. It was almost surreal -- we had started our freshman year taking pictures on this field for our scholar's program and now we were back to do it one last time. It made us look at each other and just say, "are we sure we're actually seniors now?"

I'll be the first to admit a lot has happened to me since my freshman year. Most of my major changes actually came at the beginning of my sophomore year based off of what had happened during my first year. So as much as I would like to forget some of what happened since freshman year, I do have it to thank for making me want to make all those changes.

If I didn't have a bad freshman year, I don't think the next three years would have gone as well.

Yes, my freshman year was kind of terrible -- anyone I've talked about it to can agree, but I think there's something to say about the fact that I made it through everything that happened.

While we don't live together anymore, I can definitely give some credit to those three girls I was with for two years. Even when I was having a terrible first year, they were there to go to sporting events, late-night movies, or even just hanging out in our common room. Sophomore year they were all there for me as I was out making all my big changes. So while I have my freshman year to thank for inspiring all these changes, I have my old roommates to thank for supporting me through it all.

As I look ahead to the rest of my senior year I also catch myself looking way back -- because you can't forget the events, and the people, that started it all.

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