For those who are about to begin college you are either feeling two things. Excited or nervous and that's okay. We're all human and to experience one of the biggest chapters of your life, these feelings are naturally to come. With the fall semester coming right around the corner it's time to push you in the right direction. These are the Do's and Don't of college.


  • Get involved

Honestly if you don't want to be bored out of your mind you have to find something to do. Whether it's a club, sport or evening hanging out with friends just do it. I learned from my first 2 weeks. It's mind numbing to just sit in your dorm room 24/7.

  • Meet new friends

As sad as it is to say unless you happen to be attending the same school your highschool friends are gone. At least for the moment until you see them again. College is a good time to meet new people, see some new faces, and build new connections. It's always nice to have a group handy to just chill and relax with.

  • Pop That Bubble!

It's time to step out of your comfort zone. With this new found independence it's good to push your boundaries even further. Why keep the timid personality you had during highschool. Break out of your shell and have some fun. Don't let college intimidate you. It should be a fun and exciting experience for you.

  • Moderation

At school moderation will always be the word of the day at any college. Whether it's your campus job, school work or...any other activities it's good too take a breather once in a while. We all have limits and when we push them our system begins to breakdown and malfunction.


  • Not all clout is good clout

Okay so let me explain this one in a way you might understand. So you know how people are filming themselves licking ice cream and putting it back and uploading it. See while they think it's funny the reality is they just publicly exposed themselves for everyone's judgement and criticism. The point in trying to make is just be careful of certain statements you may say and be careful of the videos you may post whether via Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and etc. If your not careful enough it just may come back to hurt you in the future. Push comes to shove just make a private page with a select group of people you TRUST.

  • Bullying/harassment

What people don't understand is that this isn't highschool anymore. There isn't anymore detention. If you get reported for any kind of bullying or harassment at school I can promise you the punishment will be severe. It's easy to avoid to. Just treat people with the respect they deserve.

  • Save the Drama for yo Mama

Unless we're on a island it's best to stay away from drama. it's just too much stress. To add insult to injury once it blows over you feel stupid for even caring especially if the situation is petty.

I'm telling you you have the chance to make your first year at college something special. Don't take it for granted