Sleep, or lack thereof, is probably one of the most widely discussed topics on a college campus. This fact especially holds true during the busy seasons of the semester like midterms and finals. Crazy deadlines and busy schedules usually end in espresso shots and Red Bulls, not full nights of sleep. But not for me.

Since coming to college, I've noticed the value behind sleep... The proper amount of sleep. On a nightly basis. Not getting four hours here and there, hoping to catch up on sleep soon. (Especially during peak busy times of the semester.) Every day is made my better by a full nights sleep, I promise.

Now of course I am a college student, so I do have late nights. Some nights turn into five or six hours of sleep rather than a nice eight, but this is not my norm. I refuse to let it happen. If I miss out on some hours one night (or even a couple nights in a row) I'm sure to make up for it as soon as possible. My body never fails in telling me what it needs.

Sleep is so necessary not only to be happy, but also to function and most importantly, thrive. There is nothing worse than feeling your eyes closing mid-class or walking around sluggishly. Beyond just these little feelings, sleep is so needed to be alert and present in all that you do, which is so imperative as a college student.

I realize that life as a college student is hard. Between credit overloads, student jobs, and extra-curriculars or sports, it often feels like there are often not enough hours in a day. However, there are so many hours in a day so make them worthwhile. Productive breaks and strategically planned days are all part of the tricks of the trade of time management that can guarantee you enough sleep.

Before coming to college I thought all nighters were non-negotiable. But, coming from a college student herself, it does not have to be this way. If you're smart about your time and intentional you can be productive in your daytime hours and earn those much needed z's.

So if you're a college student who's running on low right now, make a change. I promise that college is so. much. better. when you're well rested.

Sweet dreams!