To the people new to college or to the people that have never experienced a college day drink before, this may be an eye-opening piece for you. A college day drink is a zillion times better than a frat party at night. This is because the weather is probably gorgeous, you can have social interactions with humans and the music is so much better. It's a Saturday so you don't feel obligated to do homework, you get to dress up in light, flowy outfits (for the girls) and it gives you an excuse to drink before noon. It’s truly a magical time. There is also no grinding because that would be majorly weird to do in the daylight and usually minimal making-out unless some drunk couple is feeling ambitious. Sound like a good time yet?

Let me take you on this magical journey otherwise known as a college day drink.

You wake up on a Saturday morning hungover from the night before.

You down some coffee that tastes like nectar from the gods, take a shower, regret all life decisions for .5 seconds and contemplate crawling back into bed.

Now it’s time to get ready and you realize that you have nothing to wear and you couldn’t possibly wear leggings and a t-shirt like you did last night. THIS IS IN PUBLIC PEOPLE.

Therefore, the only plausible solution is to go your roommates closet and shop for clothes. Wearing your own clothes is overrated anyway.

The real question: to put on makeup or to wear sunglasses like a boss.

Sunglasses for the win. Now the real test of how much of a badass you are on this lovely Saturday morning: are you tough enough to start drinking again?

The best thing about day drinks? It gives you an excuse to drink a plethora of mimosas!

It seems like the more you drink the more you either want to throw up or the more it numbs the hangover. Either way you are dressed, intoxicated and ready to rumble.

You're off to one of those fine establishments we like to call frat houses. Now you get to see what everything actually looks like in the daytime and you feel very disturbed.

The hope is that a day drink would be less crowded but you walk to the keg and realize that it's going to take 20 minutes to get a half filled beer. I'll have a full beer please and hold the foam this time.

The weather is beautiful and you're hoping that you are sporting a rocking tan right now.

After aging a bit while getting your beer you see the boy you somewhat like. You can't really like him a lot because you've never actually exchanged words with him but have just stared at him from afar.

There is no excuse to not say hi. You pass him, say hi and then immediately go dissect that 5-second interaction that happened with your friends.

You reward yourself with another beer and start goofy dancing to the 90s throwback that the band is playing. Yes, there usually is a live band. Day drinks are classy like that.

You see small children, aka freshman, wearing minimal clothing and bathing suit tops. You're confused because you would never wear only a bathing suit to a day drink. Nor would you ever have that confidence.

The sun is starting to set, you are moderately intoxicated and all you can think about is inhaling food.

It's inevitable that you can't make it out that night and are officially in a food/alcohol coma. You fall sleep with one thought on your mind: how can I day drink for a living?