4 Classes I Am Thankful I Had To Take At UWG

4 Classes I Am Thankful I Had To Take At UWG

In a nutshell, college is a struggle, but you need to struggle in order to find value.


As I look back on the undergraduate journey, I cannot believe that have taken classes were boring and arduous at the time, but it has since been instrumental to my success in my academics. Nearly 3 years ago, I would have never dreamed I'd be where I am today. I owe it all to an arsenal of knowledge I've garnered from 5 key classes: ENGL 1102, PSYC 2010, MATH 1634, PHYS 2211 and COMM 1100

1. English Literature and Composition

Without ENGL 1102, I probably would not have survived as a psychology major. Reading so many publications and being forced to assume and assimilate my own stance in reference to past research allowed me to articulate myself as an adult. ENGL 1102 was the foundation for many papers, projects, and difficult texts I would eventually encounter

2. Psychology as a Human Science

This was the course that I needed to complete before I got to move on to the upper level 3000/4000 classes needed for my major. PSYC 2010 allowed me to find what my true "calling" was in life. It provided me with the chance to write a research proposal and pave the way for presenting undergraduate research at conferences.

3. Calculus 1

I absolutely dreaded Calculus when I took it during Fall 2017. Maybe it was the fact that Calculus has a notorious reputation for being difficult, but I survived. I'm so thankful I took this class because now it's helped me in upper-level science courses that I need for my second major. If I hadn't taken it so young, I would not have had time to continue to practice. In addition, it has provided me with the chance to become a calculus tutor.

4. Principles of Physics 1

I am currently taking PHYS 2211 and it is definitely the hardest class I have taken to date. It is a calculus-based course, so having that prior math as a prerequisite has aided in comprehending the material. Above all else, I am so grateful for this class because it's forced me outside of my comfort zone to work harder towards concepts that I don't have an affinity towards

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My Friend Got Sick In The Dominican Republic

From visiting the beautiful beaches to spending six hours in a hospital of a foreign country.


I visited the Dominican Republic from June 7 to June 14 this summer for my high school graduation trip. My family and best friend Jordan stayed at the Hard Rock Resort in Punta Cana. I'm not hopping onto the bandwagon of all these stories coming out about this country that relies so much on tourism. I'm not here to condemn the resort or the country, because despite all the trouble I went through, I had an amazing time. I'm simply here to tell my story about what happened.

Right before we left for the trip, we heard all the stories about people dying in the country. This obviously made us all paranoid because we didn't want to end up like those people. We wanted to be careful. Most of the people who died at resorts had a drink from the minibar in the hotel and were poisoned by insecticides, had bloody diarrhea, throwing up blood, and had eventually had respiratory problems. We were aware of the symptoms and were knowledgable before going into this foreign country.

The first four days of the trip we were all having an amazing time. We enjoyed the beautiful beaches, swimming in the fourteen different pools, and eating like gluttons. I met so many beautiful and kind people from the Dominican Republic. Every person welcomed us as "familia", Spanish for family. On the fourth day, we decided to go on an excursion through the hotel. We went snorkeling and swam through the clear blue water. Jordan and I danced with the crew members on the boat. We shopped for souvenirs from locals and finally called it a day.

When we got back on the bus to the resort, my dad was shivering and was short of breath. His stomach was cramping and his forehead was on fire like he had a fever. After the longest thirty minutes of my life worrying about him, we finally made it back and he rushed to the bathroom. For the next twelve hours, he rested in the hotel room. The next day he was fine and had seemed to just catch a twenty-four bug.

Then, the next night Jordan was spending a lot of time in the bathroom. I figured it was just because she was adjusting the spicy food of the Dominican and that it would pass. In the morning when I had woken up, she told me had a fever and had been going to the bathroom every hour. My mom gave her anti-diarrhea medicine and she felt better the next day after resting in the room. We got her dinner of a small pizza and we went to bed, an uneventful day.

Jordan woke me up at 2 A.M. that night calling my name from the bathroom and asking for a trashcan. It was coming out of both ends at this point. After calling my mom and her dad, who was still in the U.S., we decided to call the resort doctor and have her come to the room. The doctor then determined that she was extremely dehydrated and needed to be transported to the hospital.

We got there at 4:30 A.M.. and Jordan had an IV put into her with anti-diarrhea medicine and saline. After multiple tests, the doctors said that she had a bacterial infection in her stomach. They gave her antibiotics and multiple packets of pills to take home and we left the clinic at 10:30 A.M. at last. She's going to be fine, but we were all scared because of all the news stories going on.

When we got back to the resort, multiple people who we had seen at the clinic came up to us and told us how their relatives experienced the same thing Jordan had. When I did some research, an article stated that 45 people had gotten violently ill from eating at the Toro restaurant at the Hard Rock Resort in Punta Cana, which is where we ate the night before Jordan got sick.

We were lucky, you could say. I'm not sure it's necessarily all the resort's fault or the country's though. Although all these things happened to us, I believe that it's a matter of doing your research before you go to any country. Any country's food could make you sick. We don't know exactly where Jordan or my dad got sick from. All these bad news stories coming out could've played into why we reacted so harshly.

Saying all this, I would still love to visit the Dominican Republic again. I want to visit so many other countries across the world. For anyone else that is reading this and is scared to visit a country like this, I say just go for it. Know the risks, but know that there are rewards. You can't let fear hold you back from living your life, because dying in America is just as likely from other things.

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Songs Always Get Stuck In My Head

Music has been in my life for as long as I can remember and I love it when songs get stuck in my head but sometimes I wonder why certain ones play on repeat for days on end.


Ever since I was little music has been a constant for me. I would sing along to a song in the car with my dad. I would go up to my room and plug in earbuds when I got into fights with my parents and the music would calm me down. Songs have inspired me in my writing. Lyrics take on different meanings when I go through different stuff. And I wouldn't have any other way because I love having the diverse taste in music that I do. However, sometimes I catch myself singing songs from a really long time ago, or no longer remember the words to a song I once knew by heart.

I usually realize this when these songs get stuck in my head. Hearing the melody or just a set of words that appear in the song is enough for me to have the song stuck in my head for days or weeks. I usually don't mind having these songs stuck in my head but recently I have two songs stuck in my head and they pop up at the weirdest times and they either make me mad or just make me want to cry.

The first is Sad Song by We The Kings Feat. Elena Coasts, which is an excellent song that I would strongly recommend to anyone because, despite the title, it is a very upbeat song about admitting you're in love. I had a connection with this song for a long time given that this was a song that an ex-boyfriend and I had as our song but nowadays I find it hard to listen to the beautiful song without thinking of him and the way our relationship ended.

Normally I would brush off this song getting stuck in my head as a thought of reminding of the love I once shared with the ex that I am now sharing with someone else but earlier when I was in my car alone I found myself hearing it for the first time in moths and skipping it. This action has it stuck in my head replacing the track that had been playing on a loop until that point and now these two tracks are switching.

The song I had in my head was Make Me Wanna by Thomas Rhett which is another great song by a country star. The lyrics seemed to be speaking to me in a different way than they normally did and I wasn't thinking about it too much until it started fighting Sad Song in my head. the first part of the chorus is especially stuck in my head every time it plays in my head these words seem louder and repeated more often.

...Pull this truck to the side of the road/ Slide on over, let me hold you close and tell/ You everything I'm thinking...

This section of the chorus always hit me because I would love to have a guy do this with me. and given the nature of both songs being kind of about love has me confused. Rhett's song is more about lustful love and wants to share an intimate moment with a woman whereas We The Kings's song is more about telling someone how much you love them as the male lead singer from the band and the female featured artist switches off explaining all the way they are incomplete without each other. I often find myself over-analyzing what lyrics mean in a deeper sense especially when they are stuck in my head so now I am using the most effective tool in my arsenal to help me clear my head.

I am in a happy relationship that has lustful moments but is far more than just those few moments. I'm wondering if that specific part is playing in my head because I want to know more of what my boyfriend is thinking and so I want that lyrical moment to happen where he just wants to stop on the side of some road somewhere and just tell me everything he's thinking. But that brings me to why I have Sad Song stuck in my head, which is all about love and trying to communicate with a person you love in an effort to just express yourself.

This, either way, the songs are trying to tell me that deep down inside I am having communication problems somewhere in my life even if it's not in my relationship with my boyfriend. I will certainly be more cognoscente of this moving forward and hopefully, find the source of this mental lyrical loop and try to fix it.

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