4 Classes I Am Thankful I Had To Take At UWG

4 Classes I Am Thankful I Had To Take At UWG

In a nutshell, college is a struggle, but you need to struggle in order to find value.


As I look back on the undergraduate journey, I cannot believe that have taken classes were boring and arduous at the time, but it has since been instrumental to my success in my academics. Nearly 3 years ago, I would have never dreamed I'd be where I am today. I owe it all to an arsenal of knowledge I've garnered from 5 key classes: ENGL 1102, PSYC 2010, MATH 1634, PHYS 2211 and COMM 1100

1. English Literature and Composition

Without ENGL 1102, I probably would not have survived as a psychology major. Reading so many publications and being forced to assume and assimilate my own stance in reference to past research allowed me to articulate myself as an adult. ENGL 1102 was the foundation for many papers, projects, and difficult texts I would eventually encounter

2. Psychology as a Human Science

This was the course that I needed to complete before I got to move on to the upper level 3000/4000 classes needed for my major. PSYC 2010 allowed me to find what my true "calling" was in life. It provided me with the chance to write a research proposal and pave the way for presenting undergraduate research at conferences.

3. Calculus 1

I absolutely dreaded Calculus when I took it during Fall 2017. Maybe it was the fact that Calculus has a notorious reputation for being difficult, but I survived. I'm so thankful I took this class because now it's helped me in upper-level science courses that I need for my second major. If I hadn't taken it so young, I would not have had time to continue to practice. In addition, it has provided me with the chance to become a calculus tutor.

4. Principles of Physics 1

I am currently taking PHYS 2211 and it is definitely the hardest class I have taken to date. It is a calculus-based course, so having that prior math as a prerequisite has aided in comprehending the material. Above all else, I am so grateful for this class because it's forced me outside of my comfort zone to work harder towards concepts that I don't have an affinity towards

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To The Professors Who Don't Put In Our Grades Until It's Too Late

Since you're not updating your grade book anyway, mine as well just forget about that D I got on last weeks exam


Dear College Professors,

As finals are right around the corner, we are all wondering what we need to make in order to ace your class... or not fail your class. But how are we supposed to take the time to calculate this, when all we have is a single letter midterm grade? You may not realize but grades are the central focus of the school, and better yet, college. We strive to get an A and we study endless hours so we can achieve that goal. And for you to not be able to do us the simple favor of putting in that grade, is absurd.

Let's just say, Billy, with the purple hair who sits in the back corner, slacked the entire year and is assuming he has no better than a C in the class. We have a month left of school and he wanted to try to bring up his grade in creative writing, maybe not to an A, but he has come to the realization that he cannot fail the course because his parents cannot afford for him to retake the class. He recently was in the library writing his paper, and even missed the new episode of Game of Thrones episode, to make sure that his paper was golden.

Now it's been two weeks since he handed in that paper. Still no grade. The countdown is on, 10 days left of class and barely enough assignments to pull that grade up. He has 9 work shifts, 5 finals, 2 study guides, and 1 teacher that inputs all his grades. Poor Billy. With not a clue of what any of his grades are, and barely any time to go personally ask every professor for his grades, he's just going to strive to do the best he can on all of his finals.

Two weeks later...

Turns out Billy had a C+ in creative writing, but a D in logic, the class he assumed he was doing well in because he has only had a few assignments.

So points is, professors if you are not updating our grades regularly or at least a few times before and after midterms, we won't know what we are working with. Also being able to look at our grades directly, motivates us to want to fix a lacking grade or ultimately get the best grade possible. We become more determined when we see the number directly rather than when we're just guessing at it.

In high school, all my teachers always put our grades into the computer immediately, but now when school is more challenging and assignments are time-consuming and lengthy, THIS is when we're unable to see how we are doing. How is that fair?

So moral of the story, while we are studying for 5 exams, writing 2 papers and working a part-time job. Take a little stress off our backs and at least give us an estimate of where we are standing.

Thank you,

A frustrated student trying to raise her GPA

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I Am Now Living In The Generation Clash

Little moments have led to something big.


I'm sure most of you know that I'm a big music person. I'm not sure if everybody knows my encyclopedic music story, but I'll gladly tell it so everyone can get caught up here.

When I was little, I was surrounded by music and I used to sit in my dad's CD closet and I would just sit and stare at the binding of all the CDs. It was just a giant collage of artists and album titles and it all just sunk in. I absorbed all this information and I became encyclopedic because of it.

When I was in public school, I was heavily exposed to the mainstream and I fell into it for a while, because it was all I knew. I also had the pleasure of growing up around the scene of the Westfall location of Gallery Of Sound, so I saw a lot of stuff outside of what I knew from who I went to school with.

I vividly recall a day in 2009 when I was in 5th grade, and our teacher left early so we went to another classroom to wait for the bus ride home. I remember that one of the kids was reading a magazine, like a Tiger Beat of this day and age. I remember seeing everything in it, but nothing truly interested me.

I questioned why this was, but I never gravitated towards the mainstream. Eventually, I left public school and I enrolled in an online homeschool known CCA. Things changed. I was home due to school, and it allowed me the proper time to really explore my dad's music collection.

The earliest records I remember getting into around 5th grade was "Hands All Over" by Maroon 5 and "Nothing" by N.E.R.D., and they were albums I listened to all the time. I always recall being into Hands All Over as a full album, because whenever I listened to it, I always listened to it in full.

In late 2010, I recall asking my dad who Queen was after seeing a few of their CDs on one of his shelves. Then, I got to hear Jazz, A Night At The Opera, and Hot Space to name a few. I thought they were fascinating and Queen became everything to me. The art from Hot Space drove me to do a reinterpretation of it on my Nintendo DSi after I had gotten it for Christmas that year.

Thinking back, having the Nintendo DSi really made me love taking pictures before I really got into photography with a regular camera. I see now that it started my love for photography, photo editing, and band enthusiasm. I literally didn't realize until just now how important that one device was because everything I am now is because of who I was back then.

Coming into 2011, I find out about Eric Carr. My whole world takes a turn. I was influenced to the point of drawing Eric Carr and it was sealed. He is forever and always my favorite human being. No contest. Then, the Foo Fighters' album, Wasting Light is released. I hear it often and it really starts to sink in. I joined Tumblr because of my love for the Foo Fighters and because I loved seeing photos of them.

So, now I have a blog. A music blog. A people blog. Everything I loved. There was a minor hiatus at the end of May 2011 before I seriously started Tumblr in August 2011. I started meeting people with music compatibility. Through this, I found RHCP. Another phase happened.

Basically, this is gonna be a cycle of phases and hysteria, so we'll fast forward into 2014 when I started my record collection. I started collecting vinyl in 2014, and my collection was tiny at first. It was about 10 or 12 pieces. Now, it's over 200, if not more than that.

Through record collecting, I found some of the coolest bands. Overlooked bands. Bands that had a hit, but the album was awesome too. Music I never expected to get into but did. One of a kind bands. Rock, pop, alternative, metal, funk, and other stuff.

So, from the transition of public school to homeschool, the mainstream to the obscure, the Nintendo DSi to Vivitar to Canon, Sylvania to Blackberry, I've taken all of this influence and finally created the universe. The reality is no longer just a dream in my head.

With all these experiences, I've created Generation Clash. A blog. A blog about hidden gems and instant classics. Great bands. The ones who weren't commercially popular but they are legendary. They are only found by digging deep. There is always more than what we see. These are the bands found by taking a risk, which few dare to.

I wanted to properly recollect and welcome everyone to Generation Clash!! Weekly posts are made on Tumblr, and it can be found on Instagram as well!!

Share it around and follow at your leisure!!

Facebook: Generation Clash

Instagram: Generation Clash

The Blog: Generation Clash

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