As I look back on the undergraduate journey, I cannot believe that have taken classes were boring and arduous at the time, but it has since been instrumental to my success in my academics. Nearly 3 years ago, I would have never dreamed I'd be where I am today. I owe it all to an arsenal of knowledge I've garnered from 5 key classes: ENGL 1102, PSYC 2010, MATH 1634, PHYS 2211 and COMM 1100

1. English Literature and Composition

Without ENGL 1102, I probably would not have survived as a psychology major. Reading so many publications and being forced to assume and assimilate my own stance in reference to past research allowed me to articulate myself as an adult. ENGL 1102 was the foundation for many papers, projects, and difficult texts I would eventually encounter

2. Psychology as a Human Science

This was the course that I needed to complete before I got to move on to the upper level 3000/4000 classes needed for my major. PSYC 2010 allowed me to find what my true "calling" was in life. It provided me with the chance to write a research proposal and pave the way for presenting undergraduate research at conferences.

3. Calculus 1

I absolutely dreaded Calculus when I took it during Fall 2017. Maybe it was the fact that Calculus has a notorious reputation for being difficult, but I survived. I'm so thankful I took this class because now it's helped me in upper-level science courses that I need for my second major. If I hadn't taken it so young, I would not have had time to continue to practice. In addition, it has provided me with the chance to become a calculus tutor.

4. Principles of Physics 1

I am currently taking PHYS 2211 and it is definitely the hardest class I have taken to date. It is a calculus-based course, so having that prior math as a prerequisite has aided in comprehending the material. Above all else, I am so grateful for this class because it's forced me outside of my comfort zone to work harder towards concepts that I don't have an affinity towards