I Mean It, College Life Can't Compare To Amish Life
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I Mean It, College Life Can't Compare To Amish Life

Yes, I'm serious.

Matty Adame

Most college students may have temporary fun with their tinder hookups, alcoholism, shallow relationships, and self-serving lifestyle. In the end, the human experience doesn't seem to be lived any more purely than within the Amish country. I didn't write this out of total disdain for modernity, I wrote it because after watching the BBC documentary, "Living With The Amish," which is the source for the information in this article, I realized that our world is blessed with a group of people which provide a beacon of unparalleled purity, purity which we can observe and incorporate into our own lives.


Joke about the Amish all you want, it's not like people in college don't end up with a self-imposed dress code. Jean shorts and a black crop top for girls, khaki pants and a brand name "tee" for guys.

The Amish follow a strict dress code based on certain dimensions relative to one's size, based on simplicity. This uniformity in clothing ensures that the people feel less like competitors among themselves, striving to overcome their neighbor through vanity, and promotes a sense of living in a community of equals. Poor and wealthy are both viewed the same. The harmony and brotherhood that this cultural garb produces are arguably far more valuable to the ulterior of self-expression, which produces senses of superiority and resentment.


Keep living in a fake Instagram world, where only the highlights of people's lives are posted, making their lives seem perfect. Keep going to concerts in order to spend more time filming them to show off than truly experiencing them. The Amish don't care, they're experiencing life in its purest form.

Their utilization of disconnecting from electricity in order to avoid temptation is clear to me. With electricity comes a lack of work ethic and a connection to the outside world. With a connection to the outside world comes the temptation to abandon the Amish lifestyle for temporary worldly pleasures. In turn, the abandonment leads to immersion into a world of sin, polygamy, pornography, and all of the vices which have produced a nihilistic substantively drained society.

Depression and sense of purpose

At its core, Amish society, founded on their absolute faith in God, is centered on the most important aspects of the human experience: family, community, love, and hard work. Our society is plagued with depression, which largely comes from a sense of isolation and uncertainty, but mostly a sense of purposelessness. Purpose is crystal clear in the Amish community: work hard, raise your family to the best of your ability, participate in your community, and follow God's wishes.


Our society also experiences an abundance of anxiety. In the Amish world, there is little to be confused or anxious about. You complete your simple duties regarding family, community, and labor. It is also hard to be anxious in a society in which the maximum speed of travel is generally 8 miles an hour on horse and buggy.


While those of us living in modern society may be entertained by drugs, alcohol, and cheap hookups that damage us physically and emotionally, Amish entertainment is just as pure as any other aspect of their lives. You complete your duties, and if you have spare time you admire God's bountiful creation through fishing, listening to the birds and crickets, admiring the night sky (largely free of light pollution), hunting, and spending time with friends. Yeah, sure, keep thinking that the Amish are the fools.

Could modern Americans survive an Amish lifestyle?

After researching Amish life, I wondered if this lifestyle, which could be described as communal, could be utilized by modern Americans. In reality, this lifestyle is almost impossible without an incredible work ethic and faith in God which fuels their close family and community values. Attempts at communal lifestyle, outside of the Amish, almost entirely end in failure.

The motives and core themes among leftist communes, which are polygamy, atheism, rampant drug use, and complete rejection of authority, are the reasons for which people cannot sustain themselves like the Amish. Simultaneously, these factors are polar opposites of the values produced by Amish society, which gives it beauty.

The modern lifestyle is, to say the least, nerve-wracking and shallow.

Its byproducts include, but are not limited to infidelity, uncertainty, complexity, power struggle, inequality, hate, envy, and nihilism. For those that are unaware of it's purpose, the Amish lifestyle seems like a joke; life choices that are foolishly and illogically outdated.

It's important to assess exactly why these people so vigorously adhere to such an extreme lifestyle, one without modern conveniences and entertainment. The reasons that these people avoid what we consider to be necessary amenities are the same reasons that they live rich lives overflowing with love, community, support, respect, harmony, and sense of purpose.

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