The end of the semester is by far the worst time of year for college students. With a ton of papers, group projects, and exams, it's hard not to get stresses during finals. Here is how college students feel as told by the wise words of Michael Scott.

1. When you see all of your assignments piling up. 

Procrastination is not just a habit, it's a way of life.

2. Looking over your group projects with your group mates. 

the office

All group projects are doomed to fail.

3. Going to your professor's office hours in the slight chance they might raise your grade. 

It's worth a shot!

4. When your professor decides to make your final exam open note. 

Because if it wasn't open note, your GPA would be in the toilet.

5. Asking your friends to explain everything you've learned this semester.

6. When the semester is finally over. 

When you survive another semester of impossible classes!