Welcome to the broken heart club. I’m sorry you’re here but you’re not alone and things will get better. College is where young adults from all over with different races, economic backgrounds, belief systems, and much more come together. But what do they all have in common? Well unfortunately, most students go through at least one heart break before they even declare their major. But don’t worry, there’s a club of undergrads waiting for you with tissues and advice.

Are all high school relationships doomed with an August move in date? No, of course not, but many couples choose to break up before college for various reasons. Some want to meet new people or maybe just regain the independence they lost. There is no shame in ending a high school spark but that certainly doesn’t make it easy.

Suddenly, your go-to best friend isn’t a five-minute drive away. You're forced to make new friends while still trying to maybe maintain a possible friendship with your ex. Is that even possible? Yes! Or maybe you were the proud independent high school senior who went to prom solo but still killed it on the dance floor. The first few months of college you meet so many people and feelings can form even in a dingy frat house. Temptations are everywhere and sparks fly.

Maybe your one of the lucky ones who met their significant other on the very first day. Are you tired of hearing how your parents met each other at your local state school in the cafeteria line? Again, don’t worry, this is not common. Many couples fall for a freshman fling but shortly after are disappointed when one of them realizes how big the dating pool is. Suddenly your heart is broken and you feel all alone but I promise you, you’re not.

College has more clubs than just soccer or basketball. You may not even think a heartbreak can classify as a club but this is so common in college it may as well be advertised at your next organizational fair. Walking to class with your heart on your sleeve is not a bad thing because I guarantee someone in your Spanish or maybe English class is feeling the same way. Students come from all over, there must be at least one person with a tear stained pillow case, or a “crazy” ex-girlfriend or maybe someone who broke it off with their significant other and is now having regrets. There’s more to college than what’s on your sweatshirt.

Although a heartbreak can seem like the worst part of your undergraduate experience, life will go on. You will find someone but don’t force it and certainly don’t feel rushed. You are young with an entire life ahead of you. Love is not an impossible need it may just feel that way now. Many say you meet your future spouse by the time you’re 19 but if you’re wondering where in the world they are, that is okay be curious and be excited.

There is no immediate cure to a broken heart and this feeling may seem as unfortunate as the freshman fifteen, but you will heal. You are surrounded by a number of students all feeling the same way. Welcome to the club but you don’t worry it’s just like a dorm, eventually you move out.