College is a great experience to explore life outside of your hometown. However, it can be nice to go home and appreciate life at home again. The following are five thoughts that go through the minds of a college student when they come home from college during a school break.

"Ahhh, it's so nice to be home!" 

Julia Sanders

After being away from your momma's home cooking for so long, it is easy to appreciate the little things that you love about being at home. You will finally get to eat food that isn't made in a dining hall and get to stuff your face with home cooked meals. Most likely, there will be no Ramen noodles on one's plate while you are at home. You may spend all day laying in bed and watching Netflix because breaks from college are the time to be lazy at home. Oh, and your bed is SO COMFY! You forgot how comfortable it is since you are used to a dorm bed or the uncomfortable bed you have at your apartment in college.

While driving around your hometown, you may reminisce about the times you and your friends met at that Dairy Queen after practice in high school or the time you and your best friend sleighed down the giant hill in your neighborhood when it snowed. All the great memories you had of growing up might pop up in your head and bring you back to many happy times. After all, it's easy to appreciate the things that you missed.

"When was this stop sign put here?" 

Julia Sanders

While you were away from college, time didn't stop. In fact, construction seemed to speed up as you left for college. If you haven't been home all semester, it is easy to come home and be shocked by all the new construction that has occurred in your hometown. Suddenly, the Chick-fil-A in your hometown has been remodeled, and there is a new stop sign down the street from your neighborhood, and a new round-a-bout down the street from your grandma's house. These changes definitely take some time getting used to.

"I missed my furry friends and human friends so much!" 

Julia Sanders

There's not a better feeling than seeing your favorite furry pal wagging their tail in glee as they see you. No matter what kind of pet you have, coming home and seeing your favorite animal is the best feeling ever because they are so cheerful and happy to see you, especially if you have been gone all semester. Also, it's great to see friends from high school that you haven't seen in so long since you both went to different colleges.

"But it's been four days and I'm already bored. Now what?" 

Julia Sanders

There are so many episodes of Friends and The Office that you can watch before you go almost completely insane from boredom. It isn't long before you text your friends and ask them to go on day trips to the mountains or to go shopping with you so you can just get out of the house and away from Rachel Green's and the other Friends characters' shenanigans. You try to remember what you and your friends used to do for fun in your hometown, but your mind goes blank. You begin to wonder how you made it through life without the fun and entertaining, endless things to do in your college town.

"I'm ready to go back to college." 

Julia Sanders

Before you know it, break is ending and it's time to go back to college, but I guess it's for the best because you were getting bored being at home anyways. For University of Georgia students, it is almost impossible to stay away from the Classic City for too long. In fact, for some students, college becomes a second home to them because it is where so many great memories have been made.