A Collection Of (Two) Poems About Love

Numerous times I have attempted to write a book containing a collection of my poems, but because of my slight ADHD and lack of motivation, I can manage to get out one and a half before I put it away for two months and forget completely about it. Here are two of them.


Kindly decline the world when it offers

its baroque and convoluted prizes.

Even when the angels come down

in a heavenly mist,

be not tempted or enticed in

all that they can give.

Instead remember the dutiful

love sitting at home

beside the hearth.

No siren may replace the fidelity

remaining between you and

the one you call your forever.


Let it be known that forever

hardly ever means forever anymore.

Pull from your subconscious

that once you choose,

to change is to do more than

perturb your own living,

but to make a complete turnaround

for all else involved.

Whether you choose forever now or

forever later,

please make forever our infinity.

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