While the eyes are the strongest feature of a person's face, the skin surrounding the eyes is the most sensitive. If not taken care properly, they tend to age, become baggy or worse- get wrinkled. Isn't that every girl's nightmare? Well, it doesn't have to be because there are several simple things that you can do, which can preserve the skin around your eyes in the long run like using sunscreens or collagen gel eye patches.

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The skin around the eyes is delicate, and since our eyes work throughout the day, this alone can cause premature aging. Apart from that, external stressors, UV rays, lifestyle choices, and genetic reasons are some triggers for damaging the thin skin around the eyes.

How to take care of the eyes?

1. Moisturizing:

The skin around the eyes lack oil glands and therefore are more likely to get dry. Once the drying starts to affect the skin, premature lines and wrinkles appear. Therefore, moisturizing the skin near your eyes is important. The regular face can be used for this purpose, or you can go for eye creams. Eye creams are formulated, keeping the sensitivity of the area in mind, and that's why they do not harm the eyes but contain enough active ingredients to dull the lines and wrinkles. The basic ingredients that you should check for in an eye cream are vitamins C, E, B-3, and caffeine or green tea. These elements cover solutions to all general eye problems like puffiness or dark circles.

2. Sun Protection:

Sunny day or not, applying sunscreen is non-negotiable. It's important that you protect the eyes from the sun. Exposure to the sun leads to many problems like hyperpigmentation, premature aging, or dark circles on the skin. Even if it isn't sunny outside, the UV rays can still cause damage to your skin. Apart from that, sunglasses also help in protecting both the eyes and the skin around it from the sun.

3. Eye Patches:

When talking about swollen or puffy eyes, eye patches come in handy. It is not necessary to use eye patches only when dealing with the above-mentioned problems; you can use eye patches to prevent them from happening as well. The best in the game are the collagen gel eye patches. These eye patches are enriched with moisturizers and nutrients. Collagen gel eye patches are great for facials and help in reducing dark circles, puffiness around the eyes, and have anti-aging qualities. They also assist in healing fine lines and wrinkles. So, the collagen gel eye pads are the whole package and are the best way of taking care of your eyes.

4. Lifestyle:

If you're keen on taking care of the skin around your eyes, you have to believe in the notion that what shows on the outside is a reflection of what's happening on the inside. Healthy lifestyle choices help in maintaining healthy skin. Getting proper sleep, eating proper food, and working out are some examples. Taking adequate hours of sleep helps relax the eyes. Eating proper food prevents fluid retention around the eyes. Exercising at least once a day improves blood circulation. Staying hydrated and maintaining a good lifestyle not just keeps your eyes in good shape but your whole body.

5. Being Kind:

Being kind to your eyes is the most you can do for them. Since the area around the eyes is very delicate, always be gentle while applying or removing makeup. Do not press or poke too hard.

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Apart from that, try not to harm your eyes by staring at your phone or computer screens all day. Those radiations are not good for the eyes, especially when done so frequently. However, if your work revolves around screens, wear a pair of glasses that protects your eye. This is important because it damages your eyesight and also because over-exhaustion of eyes lead to puffiness. Alas, prevention is better than cure, and being kind to your eyes is not asking too much. A little attention can your skin away.

So, these were some tips and tricks that can make taking care of your eyes easier. It is ironical how often we tend to oversee the needs of the organ we need to see. Applying makeup products like concealers are just a superficial solution of covering your wrinkles, lines, and dark circles. They only cover them and not work on them. You need something for your eyes that not only reduces the lines, wrinkles, and dark circles but also heal them and stop them from coming back. Since eyes are the strongest feature of your face, they need something stronger to take care of them. A little attention and a little care is all that is needed.

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