The legendary war between two of America's favorite soda continues after more than 40 years, but who's the winner, coke or pepsi? With the creation of coke by John Pemberton in 1886, the soda world took off. With the creation of Pepsi following in 1898 by Caleb Bradham, the two very similar flavors started their on-going battle.

The Pepsi Challenge is known for being the first attack of the war. In 1975, a poll was taken which clearly showed a definite preference for Pepsi over Coke. During a blind taste test, consumers were given a glass of Pepsi and another glass of Coke, and asked which one they preferred. The winner was always changing, after the blind taste test, Coke first used celebrity endorsement in their "Mean Joe Green" ad in 1980. Soon after, Pepsi followed Coke and used Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" to create their own celebrity endorsement, and landed back on top.

After using Mean Joe Green, the Coca-Cola Company started creating a new appeal. With the help of their new mascot, the polar bear, Coke was able to start a front of family time, happiness and the holiday season. Pepsi continued using celebrity endorsement, this time, with Tina Turner, to create a superstar approach to the drink.

Although Coke may beat Pepsi in the market, Pepsi beats Coke on Wall street. According to CNN, Pepsi's stock is up nearly 10 percent from last year, where as Coke's stocks have dropped two percent. Now, Pepsi is only $25 billion behind Coke, and it looks like Pepsi's stocks will continue to rise.

Is there actually a loser in this soda war? Both companies completely dominate the beverage market in America. Not only do they have the infamous sodas of Coke and Pepsi, but both companies have created many more drinks of their own since their first creations in the 1980s. Each company continues to mock each other's ideas of drinks, and will probably continue competing in the same manner. So now, it's up to you: Coke or Pepsi?