Holy Grounds is great. It's pretty much every Villanova student's sustenance during the semester. Whether it's the iced coffees, teas, muffins OR the legendary Peet's Oatmeal, Holy Grounds does deserve the fair reputation it has. However, if you're a Nova student you should get off campus sometimes and into the local coffee shops. Here's why:

1. Simply put, there's a lot of them.

Google "coffee shops near me" and there are actually so many around. Whatever experience you're shooting for, you can probably find it along the Main Line.

2. There's better coffee...

Not only can you sip your latte in a mug (Friends style), but it's much better quality, too.

3. And treats!

The pastries, salads, paninis you can find at these local coffee shops are insane. They top off Holy Grounds muffins any day of the week. I mean, have you been on Green Engine's Instagram? Your mouth will water.

4. You'll be supporting a local, small business. 

Why spend more money at Nova when you can be supporting all of the small coffee shop owners around Nova? I mean, Starbucks excluded, small coffee shops are owned by local people which makes supporting them a feel good moment, too.

5. It's the perfect refresher.

I love Villanova, don't get me wrong. But sometimes it's nice to get off campus and be reminded that there is a real world out there, too.

College is a hard balance of trying to spend enough time living in the moment on campus, but also trying to enjoy all that the local town has to offer. At Villanova, there is so many awesome things about campus, but you shouldn't spend your four years here ignoring the awesome coffee shops along Lancaster!

So, get out and smell the coffee! You won't regret it.