Cody Robbins net worth: The hunting enthusiast and YouTuber presenting the hunting adventures!
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Cody Robbins net worth: The hunting enthusiast and YouTuber presenting the hunting adventures!

Cody Robbins net worth: The hunting enthusiast and YouTuber presenting the hunting adventures!

Cody Robbins net worth: The hunting enthusiast and YouTuber presenting the hunting adventures!

Cody Robbins, the famous Canadian hunting YouTube channel, has become immensely popular lately for his amazing hunting career.

Cody Robbins net worth: The hunting enthusiast and YouTuber presenting the hunting adventures!

Cody Robbins net worth

Cody Robbins, the famous Canadian hunting YouTube channel, has become immensely popular lately for his amazing hunting career. Cody Robbins YouTube channel underwent creation on 14 Sep 2007. the 2022 estimates by Networthkingmention that Cody Robbins Net Worth is $1.2 million. Learn about Cody Robbins earnings, income, salary, and other details.

Cody Robbins real name

Cody Robbins

Cody Robbins Net Worth

$1.2 million


Central Saskatchewan, Canada






Candaian YouTuber and blogger

Cody Robbins salary and earnings

Cody Robbins Net Worth is high and has been drawing the attention of the viewers towards his channel. The YouTube earnings statistics revelations suggest that Cody Robbins earns around $11K every month. Cody Robbins yearly earnings estimates highlight that the rich and famous hunter earns around $124K.

Cody Robbins Wife

Cody Robbins relationship details highlight that he is in love with Cody Robbins wife, Kelsey Robbins. When Cody was starting “Live 2 Hunt,” Cody And Kelsey decided to be sweethearts. The hunting buddies decided to be busy establishing the TV show.


At 16, Cody had been the diehard hunter and loved to entertain people with his hunting stories. Cody Robbins decided to buy a video camera and be ready to capture his experiences on film to show his friends exactly what happened each time he was in the woods. Cody Robbins, the famous hunting YouTuber, filmed as an amateur before deciding to take it to a new level. Bentley Coben, Cody Robbin’s friend, found a used professional camera for Cody. Cody had been living in the woods, videotaping whitetail. Also, some videos highlight the mule bucks! Cody Robbins captured some footage of an amazing whitetail buck. Back then, Cody was very close to 200 inches Boone & Crockett!

Cody, at a point, started hunting with a good friend who had been cousins with Jim Shockey. Jim loved hunting their giant whitetails. Jim and Cody hunted the buck every day, and finally, they crossed paths with the incredible brute. Jim hired cameramen and editors to expand their show that presents hunting. Cody traveled and hunted with Jim over the years, and they had been hunting over 15 different countries. In addition to filming, Cody guided Jim in Vancouver Island and Yukon territory. At that time, they had been targeting moose, grizzly bears, and caribou. Cody created his show, Live2Hunt, in 2008. In the first year, Live2Hunt won the BEST NEW SHOW for outdoor television in Canada. Second-year records also mention that Live2Hunt won BEST OVERALL CANADIAN OUTDOOR SHOW. 2012 estimates by NetWorthKing suggest that Live2Hunt with Cody & Kelsy comes to Outdoor Channel!


Cody Robbins, born and raised on a family farm located in central Saskatchewan, Canada, had been in love with riding horses and working with cattle. From childhood, the Canadian Pop Music artist and YouTuber had been in love with animals. Canadian YouTuber and vlogger started kindergarten in Harris, SK, and met his best friend, Shane Hunter.

When Cody was fourteen, he chose to become an avid bow hunter. At sixteen, Cody Robbins proved that he was a diehard hunter who loved entertaining everyone with hunting stories. Cody Robbins, who is one of the highest-paid YouTubers, had also been practicing as an amateur before deciding to take cinematography to a new level. Cody Robbins quit his job as a guide for a local whitetail and bear outfitter.

Later, Cody captured footage of an amazing whitetail buck. To take his hunting zeal to the next level, Cody Robbins decided to travel and hunt with Jim Shockey in 15 countries. Cody Robbins is proud to have won awards, including The Golden Moose Awards for Best Camera Work and The Outdoors Writers of Canada Award for The Best Television Show.

Live 2 Hunt and Outdoor Channel

Cody started their outdoor career as Jim Shockey’s original cameraman/editor in 2001. He had been working alongside Shockey for seven years before starting on his own. Cody always desired to make the passion in life a dream come true. He finally found a way to do a full-time hunting job, highlighting footage of the WORLD CLASS big game to television screens.

Cody Robbins, Kelsy Robins from, are together working hard enough to increase their viewer base lately. Cody Robbins from central Saskatchewan, Canada, records videos regarding hunting adventures, and in this way, he has established his YouTube career.

Final words

Cody Robbins Net Worth has been increasing gradually as the hunting YouTuber is looking forward to refining his Vlogging career and earning recognition. Hunting is proving to be one of the best careers lately, especially among the hunting enthusiasts who are presenting their hunting adventures on social media. Share your thoughts about the hunting YouTubers in the comments below. Stay tuned for more updates!

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