How To Find Your Closest Friends In College

How To Find Your Closest Friends In College

How I found my "people" in college

When you first get to college it can be really difficult to find your group of friends that you know no matter what will always be there for you. For me, I found mine within my sorority once I got my Big and had not only her but her Big and her twin and her twin's Little. With them I know I'm set for many reasons.

When looking for your "people" in college you should always find people you can picture at your wedding in the future. If you can see that person table dancing or catching the bouquet at your wedding then you know you've got the best type of friends. Those that make you laugh and smile when you are at your lowest points in life are the people you should be surrounding yourself with because in the future they will still be there for you.

You should also find the people you can joke around with. My Big always asks for a cookie and I say "no" even though I'm really joking and I'm going to give her the cookie anyway. Jokes like that or making fun of each other without going too far are the humor you need in your life. Now if someone is just straight going for things they know you are insecure about then they are not your real friends. Jokes should be lighthearted and humorous, not mean and rude.

The last thing you need when finding your best friends in college is a close bond. If you don't feel comfortable around those people and don't feel like you can tell them almost anything then you don't have a close bond. I can tell my sorority fam almost anything in the world and they won't judge me. I also know I can call any of them up and they will listen. We are just very close and I know they will always be my friends.

Finding friends in college is difficult, but once you have that group you will know they are your friends for life. You can't go actively searching because close friends just kind of happen. I got lucky with finding mine and you will get lucky too.

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Shoutout To My Parents For Giving Me My Best Friend In The Form Of A Younger Brother

He's not as bad as I first anticipated.


This is a story about my best friend.

I was lucky enough to have a built-in bestie from the day he came home with my parents and I immediately questioned who they stole the "creature" from.

My brother's name is Andrew and he and I have always had a catty but close relationship, which has developed into something I wouldn't trade for the world.

When we were younger we were the most jocular kids you could find and spent our days running around with our school friends shooting each other with nerf guns, hiding in every corner to leap out and give the other a heart attack.

We would hang out for hours until someone antagonized the other (Andrew was always the trouble maker) and yelled for our mom to intervene, or took out our ager by practicing our yellow belt karate skills on each other until our fake punches got to be too much and we would die laughing.

I never realized how special my relationship with my brother was until I heard how my friends talked out their siblings. My friends would endlessly complain about how much they hated their brother or sister and wished they were never born; and me, being who I am, would be shocked that they used the h-word, and tell them that they must still love them which they would relentlessly deny.

Seeing these failing relationships taught me to cherish what my brother and I have, and that is honestly the most important responsibility, and gift, I could've ever been given.

Looking back, the best childhood memories I have include him, and I wouldn't have it any other way. From founding the science club (his closet that we would do experiments in, and give our friends golf balls with their name on it as a key), to sledding down a three-foot hill in our neighbor's backyard for hours, to surfing and boogie boarding until we turned to prunes, to the endless games of HORSE we played (I don't understand how I'm still terrible at basketball), he's been with me.

Since then, our relationship has blossomed into much more than snow wrestling and movie binging; now as an adult, coming home from college is the most stress relieving and exciting time, because I know I get to hang out with my brother and talk about the most obscure things until he makes me get out of his room (because teenage angst, you know!!).

Thankfully, the required familial love has turned into a never-ending love for my best friend and little brother, and I can't wait to keep growing up side by side and to see what the world has in store for us.

ANDDDD HE'S 17 (as of the 15th)

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