To My Closer Friends

The past few weeks have been rough, but I have had some of the best people around me to help me get through them, you know who you are. Not only was I stressing over finals, but I was also having some roommate issues. On nights when I didn't feel welcome in my room, you didn't care if I stayed on the couch. Over the past few days especially, there have been a lot of tears shed and you always knew how to cheer me up.

You helped make the end of my first year of college amazing and I can't thank you enough for that. Between spring fling, walks, and taco nights I don't know what I'm going to do for three months without you being a two-minute walk away. I guess I'll just have to be okay with Facetiming and Snapchats.

Over this past semester, I really learned who my true friends are. I always heard that the friends you start college with won't be the ones you end with and that your roommate won't be your best friend, but then I became really close with my roommates so I didn't believe it. Little did I know that was the case. People change, or sometimes you just see who they truly are.

So to those closer ones, I love you all and thank you for being there when I needed you!

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