This has been one of the first polls listed of the presidential election showing Clinton leading only by a small margin to Trump. The poll was 42 percent to 40 percent. This is extremely worrying for the American people. This means that Trump has a very very fair shot at winning this election, which is scary because Trump has no experience in politics and is in fact an extremist. As some of the Republicans may agree with some of his stances and whatnot, I don't think the hatred he has bred is going to do our country any good whatsoever. He has a group of individuals following him who are racist and prejudiced, and now because of the things Donald Trump has openly said on television people think its alright. Trump has said things such as Mexican people being rapists and all muslims being terrorists. These extreme assumptions has created so much more hatred in our country and I think it is completely uncalled for and a horror brought upon our country.

The thing that worries me the most is that he hasn't really presented any ideas for accomplishing much of anything, besides building a wall. So I’m sitting here wondering why in God's name people have elected him this far. Im sure many people are pondering a similar thought- but at this point it is what it is. The real question is, how is it this close between these two extremely different candidates- and how can we have any sort of faith in our political future when this is what things have came down to?

I feel as if it has came to picking the “lesser of two evils” because I know there are a lot of people who don't like Hillary Clinton OR Donald Trump and then they have came to the point of picking whichever candidate they hate the least- which isn't how elections should pan out. There are a lot of corruptions within the Electoral College and how the whole voting process works. I really don't understand how the GOP ended up with a candidate that has literally no experience with government. I really thought when seeing him on the ballot for the first time that an experienced GOP politician would end up showing him up, but as we all know that didn't really happen.

I honestly think that because of this outcome it really proves that these elections are ran on having tons of money. Both Clinton and Trump are wealthy individuals who have had the financial backing to really promote their campaign in every way possible. I know plenty of stories of people going out to vote for Hillary’s competitor Bernie Sanders and getting turned away because suddenly “their party switched” or their vote just didn't “count” when deciding who won the primaries. These elections clearly run on how much funding you have behind you, as Hillary was backed by corporations with super PAC’s and Donald Trump was just a millionaire with lots of money of his own to run his campaign.