Climate change is not a myth.

It is not something that liberals have concocted to push an unprecedented agenda. It is not some result of fake or junk science. Climate change is extremely real with an abundance of scientists confirming the phenomenon. Our Earth is withering away along with life that it sustains.

For example, let's look at sea levels. It is expected for the Earth to change due to tectonic plate movement and natural rising in water levels. However, the rise in global sea levels has increased rapidly over a span of about two decades. Due to major usage of fossil fuels in almost all countries of the world and global warming, Earth's waters are warming, potentially creating an unstable environment for its marine life. Lands surrounded by water may become submerged in some time, resulting in losses of ecosystems and perhaps popular tourist cities. When it rains or even hurricanes, there it is more likely for there to be flooding in these areas, racking up expensive repairs and clean-up efforts.

Arctic ice sheets have also began to deteriorate, leaving the sea levels to rise as well. You have probably seen the heartbreaking pictures of polar bears looking like skeletons. That is because they are unable to hunt seals or any other sources of food because of the now vast ocean. The species is vulnerable, on the verge of extinction as they are rapidly declining due to starvation. It is only a matter of time before other animals suffer the same fate. Will be there be a time in the near future where we will be saying the same thing about humans?

Fossil fuels used by large factories and facilities are going into the air we breathe. China is known for this, where many of their inhabitants wear masks because of toxic air. Pollutants regularly enter the atmosphere or into waters, sources of food becoming contaminated or unable to consume. Oil and gas utilized to make sure cars run, houses are cooled or heated, factories keep running. Yes, all of that is useful, but that are now energy-efficient cars that run on electricity instead (inconvenient, but saving Earth!) and ways you can give back to Mother Earth by planting trees or opening windows for the day instead of turning the air conditioner on.

United States President Donald Trump has made it abundantly clear that he believes that climate change and global warming are all myth, a Chinese game to scare Americans. Pope Francis has chimed in with beliefs that an energy conversion must be done. The French President, Emmanuel Macron, reminded the inhabitants of Earth that "there is no Planet B." All of this is lovely and inspiring, but what the Earth really needs is actions and results.

So what can you do? Talk to local representatives about what your town can do to become more eco-friendly, ride a bike instead of driving to go hang out with friends, stage a peaceful protest, any little bit makes a different. Buy reusable straws, bags, utensils instead of plastics. Earth and future generations will thank you.