Recently, a movement to abandon plastic straws has taken the world by storm, it seems.

This comes as a response to the environmental problems raised by plastic items, such as straws, specifically pertaining to sea turtles.

Any step in the right direction is still productive and beneficial, and making a minor change such as this one can still contribute to a great ultimate result.

Some, however, are taking bigger steps and greater initiative to make changes that are directly visible.

4ocean, a company selling bracelets made from recycled materials, is making waves in the ocean cleanup crisis. Founded by Andrew Cooper and Alex Schulz, 4ocean's $20 bracelets fund the removal of one pound of trash from oceans and coastlines for each purchase made. An incredible 4,525,472 pounds of trash have been removed by 4ocean in under two years.

The bracelets come in varying colors, with varying backstories. The company takes on partnerships in order to make contributions to other ocean cleanup, marine life conservation, and environmental movements and funds.

4ocean could be a major player in maintaining our oceans and making the planet beautiful, and safe, again for all living beings. $20 may seem steep for one bracelet, but when you consider all of the good that will come just from that one purchase alone, it is absolutely worth it.

On a smaller scale, minor lifestyle changes can still make a difference, such as stopping the use of plastic straws and other items. We all have to start somewhere in this journey, and all that matters is that you start. Anything that benefits our planet and environment in any way is still a contribution, no matter how small.

Turn off the lights when you leave a room. Stop running water while brushing your teeth, and only turn the tap back on when needed. Wash laundry in cold water, and clean your dryer's lint regularly to make items dry faster. Take shorter showers.

Meatless Mondays, or any day of the week, are another great way to cut down on your negative impact on the world, and this is something I am specifically a big advocate of as a vegetarian. There is really no excuse to continue contributing to an industry that is so immensely harmful. Love burgers? The Impossible Burger is frighteningly realistic, and completely plant-based. Boca offers veggie burgers and"chik'n" patties, which will make you forget you aren't eating actual chicken. Even aside from these two options, there are tons of other products out there that will make the switch easy. If going full vegetarian or vegan is too much too fast, simply cut down on the amount of animal products you are consuming.

Or, if contributing to funds, charities, and businesses that are pushing for a healthier planet is more your speed right now, take that initiative. Make purchases from 4ocean, and other companies like it. If enough of us get on board, spread the word, and follow through, you never know what kind of beautiful results we might see.