Whether you're a movie person or not, if you're a college student, push your studying until next week, we have important things to do. Binge watch these 10 movies, you won't regret it.

1. "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"

Yeah yeah yeah, this takes place in high school, but guess what? If you're trying to learn how to skip class, this movie is basically a tutorial video for you. So get to learning, whether you're in college or high school.

2. "The Breakfast Club"

What's with the high school movies, man?

Hey, news flash pal, this movie has some good takeaways for college kids, too. Do you have a professor who you just can't stand? Yes, Professor Vereen, if you're reading this, I'm talking about you. This movie will show you how to stick it to an angry professor.

3. "The Social Network"

Now here's one that actually takes place in college, but you might be wondering, What on God's green earth does the creation of Facebook have to do with college?

To keep things short and sweet, just watch out for your "friends" coming and stealing your stuff. Whether it be a physical item like your Tom Brady Patriots jersey for the game on Sunday or your idea for a multi-billion dollar social networking app that would end up becoming Facebook.

4. "Into the Wild"

For those who have never heard of this movie, like me until I was forced to watch it in eleventh grade, this movie is all about a kid going into an extremely new place, an entirely new setting, with lots of new and unfamiliar things.

Sounds like it's right up the alley for college kids, right?

In case you couldn't tell why it's perfect for college kids, I'll tell you. The very studious main character ends up eating poisonous berries. Moral of the story, don't skip biology so you'll know which berries are poisonous. That's why it's a perfect lesson for college kids.

5. "Mean Girls"

Going to a brand new school can be intimidating. Getting good grades and making new friends is important, yeah, but what really matters is making sure you fit in with the popular crowd no matter the cost. And this movie will show you exactly how to do that.

6. "21 Jump Street"

Want to learn how to deal with the not so legal things at school? Watch this movie and you'll be an expert.

7. "The Blind Side"

There's a lot going on in this movie, but one of the themes that is overlooked is the theme of a college decision. The main character struggles to pick a college because he wants to please everyone with his decision, but for all viewers... take note: don't make your college decision based on anyone but yourself.

8. "Rudy"

"Rudy" is about so much more than football and if you don't agree then we can't be friends. This movie is about so much more than football. It's about friendship. It's about loyalty. And it's most definitely about to make you cry.

9. "Pitch Perfect"

This movie really encourages you to get yourself out there and get involved in some activities at your college. It doesn't need to be an a cappella group like in this movie, but getting yourself involved in some activities is a great way to find some friends.

10. "Back to School"

We should probably end things on a more inspiring note, so instead of focusing on the fact that one of the main characters wanted to give up and drop out of college, which sounds very enticing at this point in my life, we'll focus on a more positive note.

The main character, Thornton Meloni, the father of a discouraged college kid wanting to drop out, goes back to college to try to inspire his son to complete his education. While there are definitely some not so legal things going on in the movie, we'll again focus on the more upbeat part, which is that you should always give it your all and try your hardest... as much as dropping out might seem like the fun choice.

To gain the college experience you desperately need, these 10 movies will be a good starting point.