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I Asked People What Classes Everyone Should Take Here At UIUC, And Here's What They Said

No more need for an academic advisor.

I Asked People What Classes Everyone Should Take Here At UIUC, And Here's What They Said

For those of you who know me, I have a slightly weird obsession with the UIUC course catalog. Besides the fact that I have already memorized my own major requirements, I for some reason find it so fascinating to look through all the different majors and possible courses to take. I guess it's partially due to the fact that in high school I was stuck taking physics and calculus, and now I am able to take classes like Communication in Social Media and Death & Dying. But even more so, college is the time to explore and discover what you're passionate about and that all starts with your courses. There are so many classes to take in college. and it's hard to know where to begin. I asked some of my friends to help me by sharing their favorite classes they've taken so far and here's what they said.

ADV 150: Introduction to Advertising

tide ad

"Steve Hall is the best professor and the class is so much fun! You just watch ads for fifty minutes straight! It even made me want to go into advertising as a career path. NO FINAL. EASY A. All in all quality class. P.S. You don't even need to go because no attendance points!"

PSYC 201: Intro to Social Psychology

mean girls

"I love this class because it's super interesting to know about how people's brains work in a variety of social settings. We learn about things like group decision-making, attitudes, and romantic relationships."

ACE 161: Microcomputer Applications


"This is actually one of the most practical and applicable classes to take on campus. When you are entering the workforce, 99% of the time you are only going to be using word-processing applications and employers are already going to expect that you know how to use these. Definitely recommend for any student!"

STAT 100: Introduction to Statistics



ACCY 201: Accounting I

danny devito

"Accounting may seem like a bore, but eventually it comes time to start adulting. In this class, you learn the basics of accountancy, more specifically things like income and balance sheets. These skills are important for people who want to understand their spending better, and will be useful knowledge when you have a family."

THEA 101: Introduction to Theater Arts


"Not only is this one of the easiest gen-eds on campus, Professor J.W. makes the class so much more interesting with his upbeat personality and enthusiasm. You will look forward to going to class every day."

ECON 102: Microeconomic Principles


"Unfortunately economics is required for a lot of different majors but it is actually a very valuable and applicable skill. But make sure to take with Vasquez because he's really easy to understand and educates his students so well!"

KIN 122: Physical Activity and Health


"Super great, intro level class. But more importantly, it teaches you about exercise, eating well, and maintaining good overall health."

CMN 101: Public Speaking

public speaking

"Public speaking is a very useful and important skill for everyone to have. You may not have to give speeches in every career you have, but whether you're an engineer, a doctor, or a teacher, it is important to have good communication, interviews, and interpersonal skills that you will nonetheless require in this class."

 PSYC 238: Psychopathology and Problems in Living

mental health

"Mental health is a topic that is not talked about enough. This course sheds light onto a large variety of mental illnesses—from anxiety and depression all the way to personality disorders and dissociative identity disorder, and their etiology, epidemiology, and, most importantly, treatment. This class can be so greatly applicable to life and is so fascinating. I truly think everyone should be knowledgeable on a topic like this... it could save someone's life!"

Well, there we have it. Hopefully, everyone found another class to fill the empty space on their schedule. College is the time to relax and for one last time enjoy the great things about being a student before entering the ~real world.~ So why not take advantage of it and sign up for easy, fun, useful classes like these?

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