It's that time of the semester again: class registration. This is probably the most stressful night of every student's semester, next to choosing housing of course. Sit in front of a computer screen, watch the minutes count down, then the seconds, type in your classes as fast as you can, click submit and then be filled with either excitement or disappointment; there's no in-between.

Didn't get into any of your classes? First instinct: panic. Didn't get into one? Time to quickly search and find another that fits. How can we survive class registration? Those 20 seconds seem like a lifetime. We need a survival guide and we need it now.

Let's get through it together and leave no man behind.

Have backup schedules and make a plan.

Only the lucky ones get all of their first choices of classes and class times. It's important to have back up schedules. Be ready to quickly type in a back up class if you don't get into one. Plan. Plan. Plan. Planning is key here. Know where you're going to be, what computer or laptop you will be on, make sure you're connected to Wi-Fi and then take on registration with confidence! It may be an extremely overwhelming night, but you'll have a better chance of getting the schedule you want if you plan ahead!

Check class availability constantly.

Once you have your schedules planned in advance (Yes, have them planned in advance. Trust me, it'll help with the stress), keep checking the availability of classes online. Seniors pick first, then juniors and so on-be aware of this. Classes get filled and then you'll have to rearrange or remake your schedule. Nothing is set in stone until you're registered! Keep those eyes open!

Meet with your advisor.

Take advantage of having an advisor in college. They're there to help you! Tell them what classes you plan on taking and what requirements you're meeting. They'll support your ideas and help you fit exactly what you need. They'll encourage you to take what you're interested in too; leave room for electives! Advisors are there to help. Simply make an appointment to walk in with as many questions as you can think of. You may even walk in and say, "I have no idea what I'm doing with my life"- that's fine!

Don't panic.

Panicking is the worst possible thing you could do around the time of class registration, especially during class registration. If you've planned out multiple schedules, panicking before shouldn't be an option. However, from personal experience, not getting into any of the classes that you want is a huge downer and leads right to panicking; try to avoid this. Take a deep breath and think about your options- you have many!

Know you'll get through it one way or another.

You're going to make it through registration whether you get the classes you want or not. That's not the end of it! You'll have a few days afterwards to go through and see what's available. People drop classes and there are waitlists. Don't worry! Know you'll have a schedule at the end of it and you'll get through the semester whether it's your first pick of classes or not. You'll get to take all of the ones you want eventually!

Make it fun.

Don't let registration be all about stress and worry. Have some fun with it! Compare it to "The Hunger Games", play some music to get yourself pumped up and countdown the seconds. It is an important time!

"This is ten percent luck. Twenty percent skill. Fifteen percent concentrated power of will. Five percent pleasure. Fifty percent pain" -Fort Minor (accurate)

Good luck to all and may you get the classes you so desire!