Why Circle Of Sisterhood Week Matters At UNG
"There are many problems, but I think there is a solution to all these problems; it's just one, and it's education." -Malala Yousafzai

It's a Thursday night in Dahlonega. As I sit down to write this article, there are sorority women around campus preparing for college night or a social at Johnny B's, studying for quizzes, tests, and upcoming final exams, watching Netflix, or getting ready for bed. We all have our own unique set of worries and struggles, most of which come from paying for college and other expenses, or from getting good grades. Regardless of our differences, there is one thing we all have in common, one struggle none of us share: the ability to access an education.

By attending UNG, it is evident that we've each completed 12 years of schooling and had the grades to get into this institution of higher learning. We're a fortunate bunch. Sadly, there are 66 million women in the world who cannot fathom to even peek through the crack under the doors that have been opened to us through the educations we have received in the last two decades of our lives.

Yes, we're all broke college women with tuition and fees, rent, bills, sorority dues, food, and many other things to pay for, but we can help. We can send women to school and pay forward the blessing of education we have received. Did you know 11 weeks' worth of under 21 cover at Johnny B's can send a girl to school? Did you know that about a month's worth of sorority dues can send a girl to school? It only takes $53.

Providing just a primary school education can reduce the teen pregnancy rate in parts of Africa by 10 percent.

Providing a secondary education to one percent more women in India can increase that country's GDP by $5.5 billion.

Providing secondary education to women in many countries around the world will reduce the occurrence of child brides by two thirds.

Simply teaching mothers to read doubles the chance that her child will survive past the age of five.

Sending women around the world to school doesn't just give individual women around the world a broadened vocabulary, or just the ability to do long division, or just a chance to get better jobs and potentially go to college. When women go to school, everyone benefits and no one loses.

Educating women improves the global economy, saves lives, and so much more.

So, as a woman at UNG, how can you help? The week of April 18 through April 2 is Circle of Sisterhood Week at UNG. All proceeds raised through the events outlined on the Facebook event page (linked here) will go toward Circle of Sisterhood, a foundation created by sorority women to give less fortunate woman the ability to go to school, learn a trade, or even access a college education.

Through eating at Steak N' Shake, buying goods from the bake sale, or simply donating any change or small bills in your wallet, you can aid in sending girls to school. By helping to send girls to school, you can help change the world.

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