The Chronicles of Life Long Insomnia

"When you have insomnia, you're never really asleep, and you're never really awake."

-Fight Club

Have you ever been so tired and exhausted that, no matter how many unforgiving hours you could spend tirelessly tossing and turning around in bed, you just could not fall asleep?! Imagine if this happened to you every night of your life, especially after a long hard days' work. Sometimes, there is just no rest for the weary.

Since I was born, I always had trouble falling asleep. No matter how many bed time stories, bottles of soymilk, hot bubble baths, or car trips around the block, my body would not let me sleep. During my high school years, I remember spending hours crying from exhaustion, just begging my body to just let me sleep. I would stay up for hours upon endless hours trying to satiate my unquenchable thirst for "more." It was always another episode, another song, or one more article. As the morning hours ticked away like the national debt clock just steadily rising, my mind would race a thousand and one miles a minute, bumping into any facet of interest my mind could engage with, as I tried to punch in as much time asleep come dawn.

The life of an insomniac is a life spent in limbo; you’re either half asleep or half awake. It’s kind of like being tipsy 24/7. Here are some truths that insomniacs can take with them to the pillow:

1) You went to bed early, yet still got NO sleep!

2) You rise at sunset.

3) It wasn't your fault, blame Netflix.

4) The night just gets worse until you realize it's time to wake up...

5)You are considered a night owl even though you try to go to bed on time.

6) Your eyes hurt so much from sleep deprivation that you look stoned half the time.

7) Counting sheep never worked (there are never enough sheep anyways, pfft)

8) You take micro-naps without even realizing it.

9) When someone asks you if you got a good nights sleep...

10) When it's time to go back to school...

11) The morning after...

12) When reality kicks in....(nothing feels real anymore)

13) It's 3:00 AM. Still, can't sleep. I might as well reblog everything on Facebook...

14) You wonder how you have gotten by all these years...

15) You then realize your survival depends on the good ol' reliable weekends :D

16) Just when you think you can finally get some sleep...

17) When you wish you could hit up that friend, but then realize what time it is...

18) When you have more caffeine in your blood than hemoglobin.

19) If tossing and turning were a sport, you'd be a gold medalist.

20) Speaking of medals...

21) You start contemplating how long you can stay awake before dying from insomnia.

22) At least you get free SAT practice.

23) You remember everything you forgot about during the day.

24) Midnight munchies?

25) When you finally do get sleep...

We have all had at least a few sleepless nights and if you are a college student, those favorite all-nighters. However, some of us, maybe most of us, cannot get decent sleep no matter how much we dream about it (no pun intended). I could write a whole series on insomnia and frankly, with all the time I lie awake tossing and turning in bed, it would probably be longer than War & Peace. So if you are like me, reading this article because you can't sleep, take some valerian root, drink some sleepy time tea, and accept your fate as there is currently no cure, sadly. Stay caffeinated, my friends! :)

#Forever Awake

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