Christmas Gift Ideas

It's the most wonderful time of the year. It's the holiday season. Its time for gift giving and family gathering. So when you give your gift to someone make it meaningful.I know most of you are probably thinking about gift ideas right now… and we all know how much people love a handmade gift. At least I know I do! When my kids come home from pre-school with a handmade gift, it just melts my heart! So much better than anything else I could ask for. Most of these gifts below can be made for less than five bucks! You really can’t beat that. And check out how cute they are!

A scrapbook is good idea for a present because you can capture the most special moments in a person's life. You can even make one for you. The only downfall is that it takes time to make.

If your family has a tradition of ugly sweaters, then you can make an ugly sweater with their name on it or pay someone to do it.

You can personalize almost anything. If you have a newly married couple in your family, than you can get a personalized doormat with their names on saying home is where ever you are. I'm sure you can find this on Amazon.

For the lucky guy in your life that's an outdoors man, get a pocket knife with his name on it. The same gift can be given to the outdoors girl too.

Another gift is peppermint bark. It's super easy to make and it's a delicious treat. My mom makes tons of it for gifts. It takes some chocolate and crushed up peppermint. I think I may have to convince my mom to do it again this year because it's fun to make. for more easy ideas for Christmas. But, most of all, I wish every one a happy holiday and Merry Christmas.

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