Halloween is over, which means that the two full months of excitement for Christmas has officially begun. Whether you're Christian or not, Christmas today is a holiday that anyone can celebrate to some extent. From playing Michael Buble on repeat for two months straight, to setting up aesthetic lights around your living area, to starting a list of presents to buy for your friends this year, as soon as November hits, it's officially Christmas season.

Some people are skeptics of the two month-long Christmas preparation that America always does and refuse to listen to any music with jingling bells or see anything remotely red and green. I used to be one of them, adamantly believing that the celebration cannot start until December actually hits. My biggest fear was always that if celebrations started in early November, all the excitement would dissipate by December, where people will hit a slump in spirit and end up celebrating a mediocre Christmas.

Oh boy, I was so wrong.

Around me, I saw people start creating their Christmas playlists on Halloween night, playing it over and over until and even through Christmas day. People were looking for Christmas trees in November, and stores all start selling Christmas decorations right after Halloween. For some reason, the spirit never dwindled for Christmas - it only amplified as we got closer and closer to December. By the time Black Friday rolls around, Christmas presents will have been planned and bought, ready to sit in its bag for a whole month. To be honest, it's actually a really good idea to plan out Christmas presents early so they can all be bought on sale during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Admittedly, it would be hard to continue the Christmas spirit for two whole months single-handedly. But that's never a problem, because as soon as Thanksgiving is over, restaurants, stores, and everyone in America seems to transition to Christmas music, and only Christmas music. Everywhere you go, Michael Buble's soothing voice is there to energize you. Buying groceries? He's there singing about a reindeer. Working out? He'll be singing about chestnuts roasting by an open fire. Even if you want to, there is no escape from a full-on Christmas spirit attack in America.

So start your celebrations early this year. Be happy and excited and cheerful for a full extra month, because who wouldn't be happy thinking about Christmas?