As soon as the clock struck midnight on Halloween and the month changed to November, it seemed that everyone suddenly became very excited for Christmas, even Starbucks who already have their new holiday cups ready.

This excitement is understandable because Christmas time is one of the most wonderful times of the year. But with all the hype over Christmas, Thanksgiving seems to be getting lost in the mix.

This happens every year; It starts getting cold (even snowing in some places), and the next thing you know you immediately want to be home in Christmas pajamas listening to Mariah Carrey while drinking hot chocolate. While this does sound like a great idea, Thanksgiving still needs to be celebrated.

The Thanksgiving holiday is very similar to Christmas, just without the mass marketing of the Christmas season. Just because Starbucks does not make special cups for Thanksgiving doesn't make it any less of a holiday. Thanksgiving consists of getting the whole family together, playing football, and eating.

So. Much. Food.

The food alone is enough motivation for me to not complain about cleaning the house before Thanksgiving, so we should spend more time praising Thanksgiving for letting us shamelessly eat our weight in turkey.

Instead of skipping over Thanksgiving, we should give it the hype it deserves. Without Thanksgiving, we would not get the opportunity to see all of our family and eat amazing food. Also, we would not get a break from school in the middle of November.

So the next time you are preparing your Christmas plans in the middle of November, remember that Thanksgiving has feelings too.