Christmas on Cape Cod

Christmas on Cape Cod

4 of the best parts of the Cape's holiday season.

As the holidays approach, it means two things: 1.) Winter break and 2.) festive activities. With these two ideas in mind, I began to think about Christmas in my hometown. Cape Cod is a unique area of Massachusetts, although it contains many events similar to that of other areas. That being said, for me, nothing beats Christmas on Cape Cod.

1. Giant Lights Sandwich.

Starting a few years ago, large Christmas light sculptures began popping up in Sandwich along route 6A. These are created by sculptor Michael Magyar, a local Cape Codder. These light structures are in the shapes of many different things ranging from a firetruck at the fire station to a giant dove in front of the First Church in Sandwich. They line route 6A in front of businesses and each represents something to do with that business or landmark. There are currently over 50 giant light sculptures. Learn more about these lights here!

2. Craft Fairs.

After Thanksgiving, Christmas craft fairs begin popping up left and right. You can guarantee that more than one church is holding a Christmas fair. These are fun to explore and look at items locals have made. It is a great time to find homemade ornaments or treats at a bake sale. Many of these fairs also raffle off large baskets full of goodies that will make great gifts for the holidays. Growing up, my mom loved crafting and I was brought to many of these events. I love going every year and they are a staple in the Christmas season. Here is a list of this years events on Cape!

3. Tree lightings.

You can watch the big tree lighting in Boston and New York, but nothing beats a small town tree lighting. Every year, my hometown of Sandwich, holds an event to light the small tree in the middle of Shawme Pond. There are carols and hot chocolate. It is always an enjoyable time and a great memory. I will always remember being little and holding fake candles as the town erupted in carols and the tree was lit. These events are held throughout the Cape and they also annually light up the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown.

4. Christmas strolls.

These are also common as the holidays get closer. Cookie strolls and Christmas strolls are popular on Cape. Every year there is a popular Christmas stroll on Main Street in Hyannis. Businesses have plates of cookies, free samples, and free treats along the road. You can take carriage rides or just walk along and listen to Christmas music provided by some of the musicians from Sturgis Charter Public School. These events happen in most towns on Cape. This year, Sandwich is introducing a cookie stroll.

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10 Reasons Your Big Sister Is The Best Person In Your Life

"There is no better friend than a sister, and there is no better sister than you."

As much as I hate to admit it, my big sister might be sort-of, slightly, cooler than I am.

Sometimes. She's the one I call when I can't call mom and the only one in the family who can properly handle my attitude. Big sisters are the people you'd choose if they weren't already family, and here's why.

1. She is your first and truest friend.

Big sisters are (literally) there from day one. They see every dirty diaper, every bad haircut, and every melodramatic breakup. They deal with every bad day and drama queen attitude and still love you in the most unconditional way.

2. Her closet is your closet.

For some reason, her clothes always look better on you. Funny how that works, huh? With a big sister comes a big closet, and who doesn't love having a double wardrobe? I'd also like to take this opportunity to apologize for the clothes I will never give back (but I'm not really that sorry).

3. She knows what it's like to deal with your parents.

Anything you could possibly be going through, they went through it first. It's kind of like having an instruction manual or a key to the future. Either way, it's always nice to have someone who will always understand the struggle.

4. There are no boundaries.

Wanna dance around in your underwear all day? Cool. Life talks while she's on the toilet? Also cool. There's no awkward moments or changing in the bathroom with the door locked. There's just the kind of freedom that only comes with siblings.

5. Thanks to her, you know about all of the cool movies/music/fashion trends from years back.

Thanks to my sister, I have every Too $hort and Ludacris song you could ever think of downloaded on my phone. I've seen every cheesy '90s movie, and when a fad from 10 years ago comes back in, I already have the hookup.

6. She tells you like it is.

We all have those friends who tend to sugarcoat everything. Yeah, sisters don't do that. She's the first person to tell me when I'm making a terrible decision and that I really shouldn't triple text that boy again. She keeps it real with me and deals with my attitude, and that's why she's the best.

7. Her home is always open.

Sometimes you just need to get away from life and binge watch Netflix, and sometimes you need all of that plus your sister. She always has her door open when you're two seconds away from losing your mind, and she also has good takeout and a dog.

8. She knows what you're capable of.

My sister knows exactly who I am and what I can do. She knows when I'm not doing my best, and when I need to be set straight. She's always there to remind me who I am and what I'm capable of accomplishing. She's always been my biggest fan.

9. She's a lot cheaper than therapy.

For some reason, my sister always knows just what to say. Even if I don't see it at the time, she's usually right (don't tell her I said that). Big sisters are like wizards, somehow they always magically make you feel like life's gonna turn out alright in the end. If she wasn't already awesome at everything else, I'd suggest she be a therapist.

10. She will always be your go-to gal.

No matter the situation, she will always be by your side. There is nothing you could say or do to make a big sister leave, and that's why they're the best. Whether it's a speeding ticket, a mean girl or you just need to laugh, big sisters are always going to be there to lift your spirits and set you straight.

I couldn't make it without ya sis, I'm sorry for ratting you out on Thanksgiving that one time, and for running away at the zoo. Thanks for taking me to see Aaron Carter even though he's way too old to still be singing "I want Candy," and thank you always for being the best role model, sister and friend I could ask for.

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I'm Keeping My Christmas Tree Up All Winter And There's Nothing You Can Do About It

It's the WINTER Season... ;-)


I think that my tree would not be considered Christmas-y if the ornaments are taken off and the lights are kept on. I think to just looks wintry. I am also keeping up decorations that say "let it snow", and I am keeping up any snowman without holly berries or presents in their hands.

The tree looks wintry in my opinion. It looks pretty with the lights and brings the room together. It gives off a warm ambiance, unlike that of fluorescent lighting.

I've taken all ornaments off except for gold snowflakes and I've left the silver tinsel garland on as well as the lights. It looks wintry to me still. I will probably be taking the whole tree down by the end of this month to prepare for Valentine's Day decorating. (Yes, I pretty much decorate my apartment for every holiday—sue me).

There's nothing like coming downstairs and seeing those lights sparkling.

Or coming inside from a dreary, rainy day outside and seeing them light up the room in a calm, warm, and comforting glow.

Or having a bad day, looking up, and seeing them shine.

It sort of makes me upset when I come downstairs and see that someone has unplugged them, to be honest.

I guess they don't see it as I do.

Pretty, twinkling lights forever!

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