Five Things Anyone 21 And Over Really Wants For Christmas

We've all probably heard Kelly Clarkson's version of "My Grown Up Christmas List," and, while it may be beautiful, it's not the only grown up Christmas list out there. Here's one that may be a little more relatable for college students.

1. Money

As college students, there's nothing that kills our holiday spirit faster than remembering we'll need to buy textbooks for the upcoming semester. Similarly, there is nothing that revives our holiday spirit quite like enough money to afford our textbooks (while still leaving us some extra for a little retail therapy).

2. Fuzzy socks

As kids, we weren't really too thrilled about unwrapping socks on Christmas day. As adults? Tears of joy start falling when we pull those beautiful creations out of our stockings or when we rip them free from their festive paper prisons.

3. Food

Let's be honest, food is great. Food is even better when you can bring it back to your dorm in Tupperware and enjoy Christmas all over again.

4. Booze

Need I really say more?

5. Motivation

Going back to school after four weeks of being home and living by my own schedule is going to be tough. So, if someone could place some motivation for the upcoming semester and place it in a pretty box under my Christmas tree, that'd be great.

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