Christmas in July?

Have you ever celebrated Christmas in July? Have you even heard of Christmas in July? I never knew people could celebrate Christmas in July until I saw a Christmas tree in a church last summer.

Christmas in July, an unofficial holiday, imitates actual Christmas to signify the longing for the coolness in the midst of the summer months.

But how did this occasion originate?

This festival started in Europe as a way to celebrate Christmas in the summer. In the northern hemisphere, weather becomes increasingly torrid and people crave for the coolness of winter. Many miss the gift giving, holiday spirit, and traditions like Santa Claus.

It is believed that during the month of July in 1980, a group of Irish tourists went for a vacation in Sydney's Blue Mountains. Away from the heat, these group of tourists were in awe of the snow on the mountains. The Irish travelers convinced the proprietor of a local hotel nearby to hold a party. This sparked an idea to the proprietor to henceforth hold a Christmas party in July each year.

Today, the tradition has traveled to and well established in many countries around the world such as Australia. In fact, many restaurants and clubs have official annual catered menus for Christmas in July, and many hotels, gift shops, and other stores offer special discounts for this occasion.

These days, Christmas in July is highly commercialized in the United States, but is very popular among young people. Some families truly enjoy the concept and have get-togethers in July and celebrate.

Despite using this particular time as a market opportunity, Christmas in July continues to remain as a primary function to remember the northern hemisphere's crave for cool weather, holiday cheer, and and snow blankets!

Now the next time it's July 25th, you no longer have to wait for five months to celebrate! Gather your family and friends and get your presents!

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