The best episodes of the iconic TV show "Friends" are the Christmas specials. If you are a 'Friends' fan and don't turn on The One With The Holiday Armadillo this season, I don't know what you're doing.

Comedy has never been so golden. So why not combine Christmas and 'Friends' with your shopping list?

For all the people that need some gift ideas for that special someone, this is the list for you!

1. The 'Rachel Green'


The Rachel Green is a shopping fiend, but is very particular about what they like. Gift cards are your best bet to make them happy and know that they can get all the presents their hearts desire!

2. The 'Ross Geller'


This gift is for the dinosaur-lover in your life. Super cute and something they'll appreciate a lot.

The 'Chandler Bing'


Chandler Bing is the sweater vest king. Thank goodness sweater vests are super in and fashionable right now. This is the perfect gift to match their style.

4. The 'Monica Geller'


The Monica you know is a stylish icon who also wants to keep their coffee table nice and void of glass rings. This gift is both cute and practical.

5. The 'Phoebe Buffay'


For your quirky, live for music friend this is the gift for you. They will definitely use this every day as they play guitar for their local coffee shop.

6. The 'Joey Tribbiani'


For the Joey, all they want are the essentials for the typical Friday night "Joey special," two pizzas.