Christmas Decorations on a Budget

5 Cheap Tricks To Get Your Tiny Apartment Into The Holiday Spirit

You apartment is small and your budget is even smaller, but you can still have all the holiday joy!

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The holidays are finally here and you're dying to decorate (mainly for the post-worthy IG story content, am I right?) But unfortunately, your apartment is small, and your budget is even smaller. How will you ever prove to #bookstagram that you really do belong?!

Stop worrying! Here are 5 simple (and cheap) decorating tips that will get your apartment feeling merry and bright.

1. Make a DIY wreath. 


Price Estimate: $15

Your obsession with Pinterest will come in pretty clutch here. Head to your local craft store and pick up a faux wreath, (you can get a small one for around $5.99) some floral wire and any decorations your little wallet can afford, even if it's just a nice red bow! A DIY wreath can be the perfect little touch and will let your neighbors know you're definitely open to accepting that extra batch of Christmas cookies they made for the kids they have who never visit.

2. String lights & command hooks. 

Christmas Lights

Price Estimate: $20

This is probably the absolute easiest way to bring some holiday cheer into your tiny space. Take a trip to Walmart where you can pick up Christmas lights that are so cheap you'll be ready to decorate every wall in your building. For around $10.00 you can get a nice 100ct. string of lights. Partner with some command hooks ($9.99) for strategic spacing (don't go all "Stranger Things" on us though) and you're set!

3. Holiday themed candles.

Holiday Candles

Price Estimate: $25

What's one of the simplest ways to dress up a room? Candles of course! I wouldn't necessarily splurge for Yankee Candle in this instance, but a few different height store brand candles (around $6.99 each) neatly arranged and accented with some garland ($4.99) make for the perfect quick holiday decoration in a limited space. Plus candles look so good next to that latte you're about to post.

4. Go with a tiny tree!

Tiny Christmas Tree

Price Estimate: $28

Who needs some monstrous tree to take up half of their square footage? Not you, tiny-apartment owning friend! So opt for the small tree. It will be significantly cheaper and super easy to store if you decide to go artificial. You can get a pre-lit 2ft tree at Target for only $15.99. Just add on a box of ornaments for around $9.99 and you're made in the shade. Throw it up on an end table or bookshelf to maximize space and holiday feels!

5. Disposable holiday dinnerware.

Christmas Coffee

Price Estimate: $15

Okay, you might think this one is crazy, but trust me! Disposable plates, cups, and napkins come in some seriously adorable holiday-themed patterns and give that extra jingle to any small gathering at your apartment this season. Your friends will start to worry maybe you're getting a little too domesticated. Don't worry, they'll shut up when they see the tiny marshmallows you put in their hot chocolate.

Now you have 5 simple ways to get your tiny space feeling nice and cozy this holiday season. Tell Alexa to turn on that Spotify Christmas playlist you've been slaving over all week (it's really about the flow, not just the song selection) and get to decorating girl! Your tiny apartment will thank you.

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