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6 Christmas Albums to Play On Repeat

Sia, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and...Diplo?

6 Christmas Albums to Play On Repeat

It's the season of gifts, decorations, good will, and All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey on repeat. Never ending, never stopping, repeat. But, for those moments when you don't want to have her famous, warbling voice providing the soundtrack to your holiday festivities, here are 6 Christmas Albums from alternate artists (on Spotify!) that will satisfy even the pickiest of listeners.

1. For the Classics

Christmas (Deluxe Special Edition) by Michael Buble

2. For the Pop Lover

Christmas & Chill by Ariana Grande

3. For the Rave Slave

A Very, Very Decent Christmas by Diplo and Mad Decent

4. For the Grandma

Christmas Songs By Sinatra by Frank Sinatra

5. For the Undecided

Everyday is Christmas by Sia

6. For the Vocalist

That's Christmas To Me (Deluxe Edition) by Pentatonix

As you gather your family and friend around and pass long the spiked cider or hot cocoa, don't let yourself be limited to what's playing on the radio to be your soundtrack for this magnificent season. Take control of the music and the mood with hits from Frank Sinatra to Pentatonix! 'Tis the season for festivities and great tunes.

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