Many people recognize the name Chrissy Metz from the famous recent television show called, "This Is Us." The show was created in September of 2016 and has taken off with incredible viewer support since. "This Is Us," has a unique storyline that addresses a plethora of real-world issues, such as body positivity issues, parental neglect, illness, etc.

What many don't know is that Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate, a main character in the show, came to auditions with eighty-two cents to her name, down on her luck.

The part that she had to read to land the role of Kate was a scene in which Kate falls off the scale after seeing her weight on her birthday. Her brother in the show, Kevin, rushes over to see what is the matter. It is a dramatic scene in which Kate decides that it is time to get a handle on her weight and lifestyle that she has become so accustomed to.

For Chrissy Metz, this scene hits extremely close to home, being that she is overweight in real life. Yesterday, after watching a few more episodes of the fantastic show, I decided to peruse the internet to find her interviews about playing Kate and how it applies to her life.

Metz was featured on an interview on the Today Show by Megyn Kelly. Megyn asked Chrissy some questions that had to do with the show, her personal life, and how things have changed for her since landing the role of Kate. The interview opened up with the scene in the TV show that Metz auditioned for.

Metz sits proudly and answers all of Kelly's questions with incredible confidence. Megyn asks Chrissy Metz several questions and acknowledges that she seems much more confident in who she is rather than the role that she has to play as Kate in the show. Metz was delighted to see that people were able to perceive her in that way as opposed to the opposite. She states, "I know that my body is not my identity; it is who I am and how I treat people." This was one of the many quotes that stood out while watching this interview.

The two begin talking about social media trolls and how it affects people on an interpersonal level after Metz refers to food as her way of filling a void that she has been neglecting to accept. She states that people all have different mechanisms in response to filling their voids; drugs, alcohol, social media, etc. The realm of possibilities is endless this day and age.

Kelly questions Chrissy Metz about social media trolls, and how they impact her views of herself. She brings up a quote from her book that states, " I don't even want you to read the comments about me. Every fat joke known to man, ones that were probably first written in Sanskrit, gets trotted out like it's something new and exciting in its nastiness. I could get caught up in them, but then I remember, Oh yeah, hurt people hurt people. I want to engage, retaliate, and defend myself because my feelings are hurt. Because it does sting. But the only derogatory thing they can say is that I'm overweight. I am solely being judged on my vessel. Not what's inside, not my loving heart, not my relentless spirit or zest for life. They don't know me. I know me. So I keep it movin'."

Chrissy Metz is a real queen and inspiration to all. She has embraced herself and her body in the absolute best light possible. People struggle on a day to day basis with their insecurities, and unfortunately, many never learned that it isn't acceptable to project them onto other people. Metz brings some harsh truths to light when talking about weight, self-love, and over-indulgence as a whole. She is the picture of what I want my future children to see in themselves.

This is not to say that she doesn't still struggle, because she admittedly does. However, she continually reminds herself that the way other people see her should have zero impact on the way she sees herself.

As an audience to Hollywood productions, we are truly blessed with her television presence. For the first time in a long time, there is someone to look up to on and off the camera truly.