Just in case you live under a rock, let me introduce you to one of my new favorite actors. This, my friends, is Chris Pratt.

Seriously, I love this guy.

You might recognize him from shows and movies such as "Parks and Recreation", "Jurassic World", "Guardians Of The Galaxy" and more. Not only is Pratt an actor, a father, and an all-around funny guy, he's also now a farmer.

Pratt recently posted this picture to both his Instagram and Facebook with the following caption.

Chris gives a brief glimpse into the process of which what it was like to raise sheep for agricultural purposes, harvesting both the meat and wool. And some people lost their shit.

These were just a handful of the comments I read as I scrolled through his social media. And honestly, I admire Pratt for his posts. As someone who's grown up in the agricultural industry, I've seen this kind of backlash from those who don't agree with the consumption of meat all the time. People telling us we're heartless, cruel, murders. People who are often vastly misinformed about what livestock production is genuinely like.

The thing is, it's okay to vegan or vegetarian. That's your choice, that's what you believe in, and that's totally okay. But the truth of it is that not everyone else thinks that way, and people need to be fed. Families like Chris Pratts's need food just like families all over the world need food too. And some of these families will choose to consume meat and other animal byproducts. This life is all about choices.

But what I hate the most is seeing all of the disdain spread towards people with differing thoughts or lifestyles. Anymore it hardly ever seems like it's a civil discussion or a passive disagreement. It always has to be hateful words like these.

As someone who's been in the spotlight for some time now, I'm sure Pratt knew he would be getting some of these reactions. As a fellow farmer, I applaud him for using the platform he has to educate others and shine a positive light on an industry that is often misunderstood. Keep on enjoying the farm life Mr. Pratt, it's an easy one to fall in love with.