As we've all heard by now, Chris Brown was arrested for rape allegations recently while in Paris. It's also been reported that he has been released from police custody, and he has spoken out denying that he was involved.

Now, let me start by saying that I'm not defending Chris Brown. I'm not going to say that he did or didn't do it. Because who am I to make that decision? I wasn't there so I don't know the COMPLETE truth. The only people who truly know what happened are the few people that were in the hotel room on the night of the alleged incident.

I also want to point out that I am completely aware of Brown's criminal history. I remember his issues with Rihanna back in 2009, his violent run-in with a photographer in 2017, etc. I'm aware of his criminal history.

But does that automatically mean that he is guilty?

No, it doesn't. The saying is "innocent until proven guilty," not the other way around. In today's day and age, as soon as allegations go public, everyone automatically believes them. Not everything that is said and published is true.

I'm not in any way calling this woman a liar because I don't know her or what happened in that hotel room, but I'm also not going to call Chris Brown a rapist until it is PROVEN that he did it.

If he actually did what he is being accused of, then yes, lock him up, make him pay for his crimes. But as much as no one wants to hear it, there are people out there who will accuse celebrities of things just because they are a celebrity.

Again, I'm not saying that is what this woman is doing, but society doesn't know what happened that night. I don't know what happened that night. The media doesn't know what happened that night. You don't know what happened that night. Only the people in that hotel room know what truly happened that night. I just don't think we should bash him until we know that Chris Brown did this.

Remember, innocent until proven guilty. That's how it's supposed to be.