Why I Chose Christian Ministry As My Major

Why I Chose Christian Ministry As My Major

Tattoos and sailor-mouths are still children of God


Before college even began, I had a layout on what I wanted to do in life; the exact major, the exact graduate school, and where I wanted to end up. However, after starting college, I began contemplating a bigger purpose through my studies. It wasn’t until I took my first religion course that I knew what I wanted to do.

The professor of the course was average. He stood at a normal height and wore basic clothes. His voice, compared to other professors , was soft yet completely engaging. Instead of pushing religion onto us, he simply just explained. He took the scripture, broke it into pieces, and allowed us to understand it from the context in which it was written. This professor alone ignited a spark in me. He motivated curiosity, and that was exactly what I needed.

I started talking to people about my idea of adding ministry as a major. As soon as I did, the questions started to flow. How could you be a ministry major when you have tattoos? Eboni, you swear so much, how could you ever be an example for the church? Do you believe in abortion? What about homosexuality? It was questions like these, that drove me to finally add ministry as my third major.

The questions not only aggravated me, but showed me how much hate was inside average people’s hearts. With being created in the image of God, we were given guidelines to fulfill this covenant. If somebody disobeys, we instantly exile them into a niche of society. But how could we accurately judge one another, when we ourselves sin equally as bad? There is no rating scale on sin; sin is sin and is seen the same in the eyes of God.

For this purpose alone, I want to re-invent the style of worship. As Christians, we are expected to be humble, to help one another, and to spread the word of God. We can’t accomplish this goal until the categorizing judgment is removed, and we see everybody as children of God. No matter what their religion, ethnicity, or sexual preference, we are all children of God. The actions you have taken in the past will stay in the past, it is who you are now and where you are going that is important.

There are so many standards when it comes to ministry majors. It is like we are all expected to act, speak, and dress the same. We are all put under a microscope, constantly monitored, and when we mess up, it is the bible that is thrown back at us. This shouldn’t be how it is. Instead, as a ministry major, I should be able to spread my love for the Lord without pressing anybody into any awkward situations. I should be able to enjoy my own life while helping others with theirs.

With this major, I refuse to follow guidelines. My target audience will be the broken. The ones who feel as if they have messed up so bad, that religion can’t save them. I want to reach the ones who are ostracized by their tattoos and by their language. I want to be the one to show them that God does love you, even if you have messed up.Without broken glass, how else could the light shine through? It is the broken people that God uses most. Never be afraid to turn your life around. No mistake is so damning, that it enables you to be saved. Being a Christian Ministry major, I have been given the chance to reach those who feel they are too far adrift.I love the Lord. I refuse to be ashamed by my tattoos, my language, and the way I dress. By the passion and enthusiasm in my voice, the word of God shall come through. It is the 21st century. Although God encourages all to follow his teachings, there are many ways sinners can become followers. God didn’t judge me, so what gives me the right to judge you?
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