Your Roommates Can Be Your Everything

Your Roommates Can Be Your Everything

When you get to choose who you with it, that changes things.

Nichole Doty

Living with your friends can change the dynamic.

You get to learn so much about each other. It changes the dynamic from just being friends, to constantly being around one another. That can be a fun, yet scary experience.

When you go from being friends with someone to living with them, everything changes. You know what they look like when they wake up in the morning, you're there for them during their low points, high points, and even just to hangout in the living room at 10:30 at night when one roommate is eating, the other preparing for a lesson plan, and well, one writing an Odyssey article.

When you live with friends, you also realize that they do things that may annoy you. They may sometimes leave their things in the living room. They may sometimes make a mess. You may sometimes feel like you are giving so much and others are giving so little. The best things about living with friends, though, is having the ability to come together and discuss. Friends who love, care about you, and only want the best for everyone are so willing to have real conversations that I don't think random roommates can so easily have. That's what makes it special.

Living with your friends is an amazing experience. I get to grow with these women. I get to come home and rant about my day while they tentatively listen. I get to jam out to Christmas music while we decorate our apartment on November 1st because clearly after October 31st it is now Christmas until February. I get to eat McDonald's way too late at night, yet not feel bad about it because I have my girls by my side who are also equally making bad eating decisions.

Living with your friends can be scary. There are times when you'll get on each other's nerves and be scared if the relationship will be the same. There will be times when they see you in your most vulnerable state while you lean on them for support. There will be times when the laughter does not stop, the Netflix continues to roll, and the smell of candles fills the air and refuses to go away.

I get to hangout with my education major, child loving friend. I get to go to class with her, talk about the children we love, and experience life as future educators together.

I get to hangout with my fashion loving, free spirited, go with the flow friend. I get to learn about communications in ways I didn't know existed, talk about life, and get a fresh perspective on life when sometimes I'm feeling stuck with no where to go.

Living with your friends changes everything. The bonds, laughter, and love that fill the spaces between you is something that I don't think will ever go away.

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