Your Guide For Choosing The Right Wool Fabric For Your Suit
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Your Guide For Choosing The Right Wool Fabric For Your Suit

Choosing The Right Wool Fabric

Your Guide For Choosing The Right Wool Fabric For Your Suit

Wool fabrics, which come in various weaves, patterns, and hues, are mostly used for overcoats, jackets, suits, and dresses. They are also a common material for home textiles. However, the wool from merino sheep is one of the softest types.

Wool is one of the most sustainable fabrics and is a popular choice for winter apparel. As a result, it is the most versatile material for suiting.

Types of wool fabric for suiting

  • Worsted wool

When you think of worsted wool, a classic suit with smooth-suiting fabric comes to mind. As it is composed of long-staple wool, each thread in the yarns comprises extremely long wool strands.

This wool fabricates the dressiest suiting materials, suitable for all four seasons.

Super numbers, which relate to the thread count of these formal textiles, are frequently included in the description of worsted wool fabric. Suit materials of the highest caliber are manufactured with thread counts of 110 or more.

  • Merino wool

One of the softest forms of wool, this ultrafine, glossy material is a favorite for suiting since it is excellent at controlling body temperature in both hot and cold climates.

The Merino sheep, which originated in Spain but now mostly inhabits Australia and New Zealand, is the source of merino wool.

It is also a fairly priced material, especially in light of the fact that it will endure for a very long period with regular maintenance.

  • Fresco wool

Multi-yarn, high-twist wool woven in a simple weave is referred to as "fresco." The fabric's "high-twist" feature offers a more open weave with a comfortable level of breathability and natural elasticity.

Fresco wool can be both lightweight for warmer weather and heavier for comfortable year-round use. Moreover, it is also naturally wrinkle-resistant, making it a fantastic choice for frequent travelers.

  • Cashmere wool

Cashmere, one of the most luxurious natural fibers, has a high natural crimp that produces an extraordinarily soft and light fabric. Due to its excellent insulation qualities, cashmere is a very warm fabric, making it perfect for the winter.

It must be combed from cashmere goats rather than sheared, and because the cashmere goat only produces a small amount of cashmere wool each year, cashmere is expensive.

Cashmere has the additional drawback of being less resilient than sheep's wool.

  • Alpaca wool

Alpacas, which are sometimes confused with llamas, are the source of alpaca fabric– one of the sustainable fabrics. It is extraordinarily soft and delicate, similar to cashmere.

However, Alpaca wool differs from other types of wool in that it can be spun to be either heavy or light. Although it is an unusual cloth for a suit, it is a great option.

Alpacas of the Huacaya and Suri breeds generate two types of wool. Suri fleece is silkier and more commonly used in woven clothing, whilst Huacaya fleece is thicker and frequently used for knitted things.

  • Tropical wool

Tropical wools are very breathable due to their lightweight structure, making them perfect for temperate and warm regions.

Certain tropical wools can also be fresco wools and vice versa. However, the main distinction between the two textiles is that frescos can be lightweight but also be woven to be heavier and suitable for year-round wear. At the same time, tropical wools are ideal for warmer climes and weather.

Classification of wool by numbers

Spinners Joseph Lumb & Sons started awarding "The Golden Bale" as a reward for the raw wool they thought was the best decades ago.

Nothing more than 80-count wool could be grown for years. Wool with a 100 count won one year. The winners were so amazed and overjoyed that they gave it the nickname "Super 100's," and the phrase caught on.

Fine wool fabric is referred to as "super 120" or "the super 100s," among other designations. Contrary to popular belief, these numbers do not correspond to the wool's thread count.

The figure indicates the number of hanks of wool you can spin from a pound of unprocessed wool. Since you receive more hanks of wool per pound, the finer the wool is.

So, the super number is greater in premium wool as an indicator of the wool's fineness.

Which is the correct wool fabric for your suit?

  • Casual suiting

A lightweight fabric with plain weaving is a good option for casual suiting.

Other options include blends like wool linen or wool mohair. They are soft and give a relaxed feel.

  • Warmer climates

Contrasting to twill weave fabrics, plain weave fabrics will give better breathability, much like cotton fabric.

  • Cooler climates

A twill weave fabric with a fine handle or heavier plain weave fabric is a great choice for chilly weather.

  • Formal suitings

Soft fabric with Super 130 or 150 makes an excellent drape and fall. This creates a structured look for more formal occasions.

How to care for wool fabric?

Even though wool is one of the more long-lasting textiles in your closet, it must be treated with care.

  • Before storage, empty all of your pockets.
  • Avoid using iron since direct heat might harm the clothing.
  • The most secure cleaning technique is the occasional trip to the dry cleaners.
  • To prevent creases, dry wool items on a flat surface.
  • Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight to prevent bleaching.
  • To stop moths from damaging your wool items, place mothballs nearby.

The bottom line!

Wool, one of the most sustainable fabrics, is by far the most popular material for suits. It endures for a long time when kept correctly. Wool, sometimes referred to as "elastic recovery," has a springiness that helps it resist wrinkles.

There are various wool fabric types available. So, the guide mentioned above will help you decide which wool type is best for you.

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