For the most part, my city is pretty normal, all our parents have jobs, we all go to school, we live normal lives, except for one thing. Our city has something known as "Bookworm Pills." Now I know this may sound crazy, but this is something that we all have to throughout our lives. Our city and our government are very adamant on not letting literature die again after the Literature Blight. All of the literature from the world disappeared for 100 years. Stories were only told based off of memory. So when literature finally started to appear again our government refused to lose it ever again.

There are six different kinds of pills that you can pick from: Blue(Amnesia Pill: You get to read a book as if you never have before), Pink(Sacrifice Pill: You can revive any dead fictional character), Yellow(Love Pill: You can make any fictional character fall in love with you), Red(Life Pill: You can make any fictional character come to real life), Green(Travel Pill: You can visit any fictional world), and Purple(Body Pill: You can change bodies with any fictional character). The only catch is that when it comes time for us to pick, we are only allowed one pill and it is randomly chosen for us. However, whenever they try to pick one for me, the computer chooses all of them. I'm the odd one out and I don't mind it, but apparently everyone else does.

I love books, so I don't mind it because it just means I get to experience them more, but it is something that I have to hide. So every time it is time to get our pill for the year, I have to choose one and be subtle about what I pick. Every so often I get to pick which pill I get because they can't stop me, but my parents think it will become a problem in the near future. I hope that they are wrong, but my gut is starting to think that they are right. I haven't met anyone else like me so the government will eventually catch on, no matter how much my teachers try to help, I've gotten away with it for 21 years, but there is only so much hiding that can be done.

Oh well. I will just keep going through life and doing my best to hide what I can and pray I don't get caught. I mean what could they possibly do? It is not like it's my fault. Right? No, it's not my fault, I was born this way. Would they really punish me for something that is out of my control? It's not something that I can think about right now, tomorrow is our day to get our pill for the year, I just need to focus on getting through this round, one day at a time.

As soon as I got to university the next day, everybody was already lined up to get their pill. We all have to check in first and then they send us to the line for our designated color. I always have to go and see the person in charge. I've gone through this so many times that they know who I am. So far I have had four of the six pills so far, I wonder what they will give me this year?