In all honesty, our world sucks. It's a plain ole sphere of suckeroonie. There's racism, sexism, murder, war, natural disasters, death, and obviously more. And I think that more times than not, negativity and hatred envelop us and make us feel quite oppressed to the point that we forget about the beautiful things that indeed do exist. You see, I have a theory (probably like many others) that heaven is manifested in earthly things, reminding us of peace and joy and giving us that extra bit of strength to keep going.

Heaven is within the oceans and the sky, your true love, the birth of a child, golden hour, sunrises and sunsets, mountain ranges, classical music, birds chirping, the stars, autumn leaves, you name it. Anything, any moment, any person that brings you a sense of peace and contentment; they're your heaven. Find them. Go to them. Cherish them. Love them with everything you have.

To the person reading this right now, I want you to do something for me. Wherever you are, take a second to slow down. Relax, take some slow and deep breaths. Now, shut your eyes. Keep taking those deep breaths. With the next breath in, imagine a strong, yet comforting wind sweeping you off your feet. You are lighter than air, filled with happiness and laughter. Let this gust of wind deliver you to your peace. Breathe in, and think about peace, think about joy. When you think about these things, what do you see? Who do you see? Take it in, take them in, because you've found your heaven.

We all have a heaven in this cruel and vicious world, we must choose to see it.